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    Get the most from your data with these helpful tools! 

    Productivity Growth Calculator Icon
    Productivity Growth Calculator

    MGMA's Visit Productivity Growth Calculator can be used to determine how many additional patient visits per month and/or day a provider needs to see in order to achieve the 50th or 75th percentiles of MGMA productivity based on work RVUs (wRVUs). Learn how to use it here.

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    Impact Calculator Icon
    2021 Work RVU CMS Impact Calculator

    The 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule, modified by an economic aid law signed Dec. 27, 2020, has numerous impacts for healthcare providers, particularly those coding for outpatient E/M office visits. This MGMA member-benefit tool allows you to calculate two different sets of specialty-specific impacts based on the changes from CMS and Congress.

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    wRVU Variance Calculator Icon
    2020, 2021 and 2022 wRVU Variance Calculator

    This tool from MGMA allows you to calculate the work RVU (wRVU) impact — based on the CPT® code and volume for an individual provider or a combined group of providers — from 2020 wRVU values to 2021 and 2022 wRVU values.

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    Physician Fee Schedule Calculator Icon
    Physician Fee Schedule Calculator

    The fee schedule calculator tool assists you in pulling and exporting a CMS physician fee schedule based on a specific calendar year, which allows you to quickly reference the Medicare payment rate for any procedure code performed at your facility. The tool also allows you to select a percent of Medicare (e.g., 125%) to assist with analyzing a non-Medicare payment rate.

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    Management and Staff Compensation Finder Tool Icon
    Management and Staff Compensation Finder Tool

    Use this tool to find median compensation for a particular managerial or staff position from the MGMA DataDive Management & Staff Compensation. This tool will also allow you to find management and staff compensation for your region, education level and years of experience for all practice types.

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    RVU Calculation Tool
    RVU Calculation Tool

    Understand productivity with the interactive Relative Value Unit (RVU) tool and see detailed lists by CPT code, graphs by category, customization by facility/nonfacility, transitional/fully implemented and geographic practice cost indices, and much more.

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    Evaluation and Management Profile Tool Icon
    Evaluation and Management Profile Tool

    The Evaluation and Management Profile Tool is designed to allow MGMA members the opportunity to create useful reports that compare their providers' and practices' coding experience with claims data found in the most recent Medicare Utilization Dataset.

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    Data Reports Icon
    Data Reports

    Get access to data summary reports that provide key insights and benchmarks related to healthcare practices, including financial performance, operations and productivity. They serve as valuable tools for healthcare professionals and organizations to evaluate their performance and make informed decisions based on industry standards.

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