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    MGMA's Visit Productivity Growth Calculator can be used to determine how many additional patient visits per month and/or day a provider needs to see in order to achieve the 50th or 75th percentiles of MGMA productivity based on work RVUs (wRVUs). You can alternatively enter any wRVU target amount in the 50th and 75th percentile fields to determine how may visits/encounters are needed to achieve the goal based on your average wRVUs per visit. This makes it easy for clinicians and administrators to quantify exactly what it will take to achieve desired productivity levels beyond how many additional wRVUs are needed. This approach to data benchmarking is vital to measure the continued growth and success of practice, especially via this tool which uses industry-leading data from MGMA DataDive.

    Disclaimer: While the additional visits data will be extremely accurate for non-surgical specialties, there is much more variety in the amount of wRVUs generated per encounter for surgical specialties. The calculator will still produce an accurate daily target growth goal for surgeons, but calculator users should remember that a single surgery/procedure often has the RVU value of multiple office visits, which should be kept in mind as it relates to the tracking of visits/encounters.

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