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    "I realize that we couldn't have all this success if it wasn't for your experience…Thank you MGMA Consulting, …I feel so assured of our increased probability of success." — Open Door Clinics

    Your organization has endured the healthcare industry's volatility with poise and tenacity. Now, you are forced to pivot due to a set of new and unexpected challenges that are unique to your situation.

    Now more important than ever, Information and Experience are the chief currencies for successfully navigating today's challenges, and we see that many organizations are struggling with at least one, if not both. 

    MGMA's Consultants are the best line of defense against all your challenges, if only for the simple fact that they have over 30 years' experience in healthcare AND have access to industry-leading information and resources. Because they have the elements needed already at their hands, you can benefit from bringing them in to support your organization and community.


    We Can Help You Succeed

    Our Difference


    When it comes to healthcare, our team has been there, done that. With a collective 400+ years in healthcare experience, there isn't a challenge they haven't already thought of a solution for, and in a way that is tailored for your organization. Averaging over 30 years in leadership roles lends itself well to being prepared for anything, even in this environment.


    Backed by the industry renowned data in MGMA DataDive, MGMA Stat, Research and Analysis reports and more, they can present information that convinces any stakeholder and challenges a harmful status quo. Having access to resources created by MGMA staff and policy experts in D.C. makes them some of the most well-informed professionals in the entire industry. Our consultants work hand in hand with MGMA staff, members, organizational partners, policy experts and most importantly, professionals like you to gather the most up to date and relevant shifts occurring everyday in healthcare.

    Services We Offer

    Our services begin as soon as you reach out. The support team for all our consultants work hard to answer your questions prior to any commitment, ensuring you know what to expect and are comfortable with moving your organization forward.


    Our group has a variety of expertise that ensures we have a perfect match for your challenges. They have been on every side of the healthcare experience: Doctors, practice managers, CEOs, Master scholars, Green Belt certified, authors, professors and more from prestigious organizations like Mayo Clinic, Duke, Adventist Health, Loyola, Notre Dame and others.

    Our service line rollups are on the navigation menu but spread to every aspect of the industry. Whether it's payer contracting, coaching, E/M updates, operations, telehealth, RCM, staffing or other areas, it's a service we can assist you with.

    Who Can Use Our Services?

    We specialize in serving the healthcare industry implement any goal. There are many industry facets, which means we are prepared for many different types of clients. From boardrooms to waiting rooms, every client at every level will be satisfied with the value we can bring.

    Meet the Team

    Don't face challenges alone. Meet our experts ranging from Doctors, Practice Managers, CEOs, Master scholars, Green Belt certified, authors, professors and more from prestigious organizations like Mayo Clinic, Duke, Adventist Health, Loyola, Notre Dame and others.

    Find Your Match

    What's Your Challenge?


    Improve operations, streamline processes and get the right talent aboard the ship, maximizing quality patient care.

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    Strategic Planning and Governance

    Create clear roles and responsibilities and create a following for the organization’s mission, vision and values.

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    Financial Management

    Examine your cost structures and workflow to identify holes and areas of opportunity.

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    Staffing and Compensation

    Tap a robust suite of recruitment strategies to match the right candidates to your organization – staff that will stay.

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    Practice Transformation

    Guide your team in bringing their A-game to every patient interaction, increasing your patient satisfaction scores and your top and bottom lines.

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    Request a Chart Audit

    Enlist our coding experts to complete periodic chart audits to ensure compliance and reimbursement.

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    Need Help Now?

    Reach an MGMA Consulting representative via phone or email. We will connect you with an expert and help solve your greatest challenges.

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