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DataDive - September 9, 2020

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Benchmarking Data

An intelligent and intuitive tool for viewing CPT coding profiles for any provider specialty, our procedural profile data is linked with our industry leading data that includes contributions from thousands of medical groups across the nation. Quartile options allow users to go beyond averages or medians found in CMS coding data and see the entire spectrum of highest- and lowest-producing outcomes with benchmarking at a CPT code level.

What's included is a depth of data beyond specialties available in the CMS coding data, for each chapter:
  • E/M: CPT Codes 99201-99499
  • Anesthesiology: CPT Codes 00100-01999
  • Surgery: CPT Codes 10004-69990
  • Radiology: CPT Codes 70010-79999
  • Pathology and Laboratory: CPT Codes 80047-89398
  • Medicine: CPT Codes 90281-99607

View the "Top 20 Codes" performed by other physicians in the same specialty to ensure you're stacking up correctly. Another added benefit of this feature is discovering new opportunities and service lines that may have been previously overlooked!

Comparing CPT code frequency is important, so we built in a function allowing users to compare the volume of each code performed against the total volume of codes performed as well as the volume per provider. Since coding directly impacts provider productivity, we linked data from the MGMA DataDive Compensation and Production dataset to drill down into coding profiles for the highest- and lowest-producing providers in the areas of:
  • Collections
  • Compensation
  • Work RVUs

Drill down even further in prominent categories necessary for apples-to-apples comparisons:
  • Demographic classification
  • Geographic section
  • Number of full-time-equivalent (FTE) physicians
  • Practice type
  • Organization ownership
  • Practice type
  • Total medical revenue
  • Years in experience

Once you have the specific, detailed info you are looking for, export your findings easily into Excel within a few clicks.

To get more information, or to obtain this dataset, complete the form on this page and a representative will connect with you shortly. 


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