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Your patients’ health is not the only thing that needs regular reviews. You also must ensure you are correctly reimbursed and your coding practices not only impact your bottom line, but are also subject to documentation and compliance guidelines. Enlisting our coding experts to complete a one-time chart audit and provide advice is a best practice that will positively benefit every aspect of operations.

Types of Audits Available

  1. Risk Based -

    This type of audit offers your practice a thorough analysis of your coding processes. We'll look at all the codes you are currently charging and compare them to national averages. Our goal is to give you the confidence that your coding practices are following best practices and eliminates your risk of inadvertently commiting fraud and being fined up to triple the damages.

    In a recent audit, our client realized that they weren't correctly following the guidelines, even though they believed they were. Our audit findings showed that 41% of their revenue documentation didn't adhere to the guidelines. Luckily, we were able to find it early and they were able to correct their mistake and update their processes.

    In some cases, clients may have to go back six years to update their billing practices in order to be complient with the full look back period. It is a lot of work, but well worth the effort. 

  2. Focused -

    If you know you have a problem with your ICD-10 or E&M codes, then we can review the specific area that is challenging you to help you get things corrected. 

  3. Regularly Scheduled Audit - 

    Once evaluated, some clients sign on for recurring audits to ensure that they continue to follow best practices. The schedule and complexity of the audits can be customized to your needs.


Reviewed by Senior Industry Advisors

Our team of coders employs more than 35 years of institutional knowledge of coding to create personalized experiences that not only teach but lead your team through practices of establishing accurate coding. Our team works in conjunction with your medical providers, group practice professionals, medical coders, practice administrators and revenue cycle staff to ensure coding on all levels is compliant.

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Questions we'll ask

If you are curious about the questions we'll be asking on our first call, here is the information that we'll want to know and it will help us focus our efforts for an efficient meeting:

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