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    The quality of your management infrastructure directly impacts your outcomes. 

    MGMA DataDive Management and Staff Compensation is not just about providing insights to recruit and retain some of healthcare’s hardest-to-fill positions. It's about creating a healthy nucleus for your organization and empowering everyone and everything surrounding it, including organizational performance. With so much at stake, bolster your bench with data representing more than 157,000 healthcare professionals in 2,500 groups who occupy a variety of positions critical to daily success

    What is MGMA DataDive? 

    MGMA DataDive is healthcare's most reliable benchmarking resource, helping professionals and organizations, large and small, to determine how they fare in the marketplace. Organizations like yours can pinpoint success and opportunity across multiple datasets with side-by-side comparisons of your performance vs. others. The online format makes MGMA DataDive incredibly easy to access and adopt. 

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    What can it do for me? 

    It is no secret that turnover in healthcare is high, which eats into two precious commodities: time and money. Preserve both with effective, data-driven insights that will keep critical staff empowered and motivated, minimizing the risk of wasted onboarding costs or lost business as a result of disorganization. Also, if you find yourself in the competitive landscape of recruitment, you do not want to lose your perfect candidate because your offer is way below his or her market value. This dataset analyzes every aspect of a potential hire's characteristics and how it translates to compensation. Find answers to these common questions: 

    • How does an academic vs. non-academic setting impact recruitment? 
    • What is the relationship between benefits and total compensation? 
    • How does certification influence compensation? 
    • Access to our revered Research & Analysis reports - Go beyond the data and dive into an expert, in-depth analysis of today's issues in healthcare. These reports will further empower you to make the best decisions for your organization. 

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    This is just a glimpse. 

    We can only show you the surface. To see what else MGMA DataDive Management and Staff Compensation has to offer, including a full list of benchmarks and filters, get in touch with us today by filling out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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