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    The road to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched longer than some of us may have predicted at the beginning of 2021, but the lessons to be learned continue, too.

    Welcoming back patients to in-person care — enabled by the successful rollout of vaccines — has renewed the patient-provider relationships that are crucial to delivering high-quality care and attaining better outcomes. But no matter how much improvement medical practices have seen this year, it’s vital to not lose sight of the innovations and efforts in 2020 that brought us to where we are now, on the cusp of replacing the “new normal” with a post-pandemic future focused less on survival and more on sustainable practice excellence.

    The 2021 MGMA DataDive Practice Operations report, based on 2020 data from more than 1,600 organizations, offers a comprehensive view of the pandemic year, detailing key performance indicators that reflect incredible operational changes that have evolved patient engagement and impacted medical practices’ financial resilience.

    Download the report here

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