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    • MGMA and its State Organizations share a primary obligation to serve the lifelong professional needs of their collective memberships by delivering products and services of the highest quality and communicating directly with their respective members.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will strive collectively and individually to elevate the performance of medical practice leaders and their organizations.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will strive collectively and individually to maintain and advance the standards of ethics and professional practice in the medical practice nationally, regionally and locally, and enhance the reputation and value of MGMA, State Organizations, ACMPE certification and the profession.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations should cultivate operating environments of mutual trust and respect towards one another and their members and stakeholders, foster open communication and, with due regard for inherent confidentiality of subject matter, exercise governance and decisionmaking responsibilities with appropriate levels of transparency.
    • Notwithstanding the corporate separateness of MGMA and its State Organization and their respective rights to make their own decisions, MGMA and its State Organizations share a mutual commitment to the MGMA mission. As “partners” in advancing the mission, each should be willing to consider input from the other, mutual benefit and external impact of its actions. But on matters of MGMA policy or implementation of MGMA policy, MGMA should base its decisions on what it believes best advances MGMA as a national association, and State Organizations should align their actions and decisions with MGMA national policy.
    • Bearing in mind that MGMA’s State Organizations’ primary allegiance is to MGMA and their primary mission is to support MGMA’s mission, MGMA and its State Organizations should respect each other’s right to engage in and support activities that further their respective missions and/or provide benefits that support their respective organizations. But State Organizations’ engagement in or support for activities outside the MGMA mission should in no case conflict with or detract from MGMA’s mission or MGMA’s activities or initiatives or otherwise divide their loyalty to MGMA. MGMA will work with State Organizations to avoid their duplication of MGMA products and services and to coordinate development/offering of complimentary products and services to meet market demand.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will each operate in a financially prudent manner and do all things necessary to preserve its corporate existence and operate in compliance at all times with its respective duties and responsibilities under all laws, regulations, rules, policies, agreements, fiduciary relationships and the like binding or affecting its organization and will do so in a manner that is open and, as appropriate, transparent to its members.

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