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    The future of AI-enabled intelligent revenue management

    Top revenue cycle leaders use healthcare's most advanced AI-enabled financial performance tools to improve margins, accelerate cash and optimize staff performance. See how our software as a service (SaaS) product will revolutionize the way you do healthcare business. 

    Demo - See how AI Is Automating Analysis Tasks


    Predictive Analytics Meets Strategy

    In the ever-changing world of healthcare, it's important to leverage data to make informed decisions and quick adjustments to your business, especially regarding your revenue cycle strategy and operations.  

    MGMA DataDiscovery is an advanced cloud-based analytics tool that delivers immediate access to real-time business insights derived from your internal financial, operational and telehealth data, which you can use to keep your practice running at optimal performance. 
    This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is an intelligent medical group analytics tool designed to review and analyze your physician practice performance. With no software to install or maintain, practices of all sizes can easily utilize DataDiscovery to generate detailed analysis and actionable insights.  DataDiscovery has decades of expert revenue cycle knowledge engineered into this highly advanced tool. DataDiscovery will be your source of truth for all members of your team. Machine learning algorithms will grow with your team to keep your revenue cycle finely tuned and running efficiently.   

    A quick DataDiscovery tune-up can be just what you need to: 

    • Access real-time data from your practice to quickly identify and address areas of revenue leakage  
    • Prevent and resolve denials with the help of machine-learning algorithms  
    • Resolve underpaid claims and increase the speed of payment 
    • Maximize provider utilization and patient access  
    • Identify new practice areas that can bring new revenue streams 

    Know where and when your practice trends in the wrong and right direction, where you are performing well and falling short, and how to recover your claims denial revenues quickly. DataDiscovery is designed to give you a holistic view of your revenue cycle and daily operations—and provide ways to boost your performance to put your business at the top. 

    Invest in your practice with DataDiscovery 

    • Leverage the manageability and savings of a cloud-based SaaS solution 
    • Easily identify areas of revenue leakage and where issues stem from 
    • Gain the actionable insights that spell out how to correct issues 
    • Boost bottom-line performance through cost reductions and increased revenues  
    • Address staffing challenges while retaining high-performing team members 
      • Limit burdensome and repetitive tasks and reduce burnout  
      • Save your BI/Data team countless hours cleansing and preparing data 
      • Allow your team to make smarter, data-driven decisions 
      • Augment your staff with powerful, AI-driven automation and insight 
      • Get new employees up to speed faster 

    Fine-tune your practice using DataDiscovery Dashboards


    See how your healthcare orgnization can get in the fast lane 


    Your roadmap to real-time data application


    Be the driver of your data

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