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MGMA DataDive Overview

MGMA DataDive is an online-based platform with thousands of metrics allowing you to see the best in your organization, or areas for improvement. No matter your organization's size, MGMA DataDive's benchmarks and filters show how you compare to regional or national competitors' KPIs like provider/staff compensation, operations, costs and revenue. Without this information, your strategy may be based on guesses. 
MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation

Provider CompensationDetermine the right compensation package for your medical providers with the largest provider dataset in healthcare. Using data representing over 100,000 providers, you can also evaluate KPIs imperative to productivity, like collections, work RVUs, encounters and much more.
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MGMA DataDive Management and Staff

Management and StaffA 2017 study found that turnover in healthcare is the second only to hospitality. With the need for employee engagement at an all-time high, be confident in your offers with the accuracy that comes from a dataset representing over 100,000 professionals, the largest in the industry.
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MGMA DataDive Cost and Revenue

Cost and RevenueA healthy, efficient practice doesn't just mean that you see green in your budget. In addition to positive returns, you need a balanced staff ratio, healthy A/R and optimized operating expenses. Simple challenges in your future can present more problems than necessary if these, and other, aspects are not accounted for. Don't let surprises ruin a good fiscal year.
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MGMA DataDive Practice Operations

Practice OperationsIncluding data that is not found anywhere else, this dataset can be used to benchmark fundamental metrics that show how both patients and employees relate to your organization. The important insights you gather comparing KPIs like hours of operation, wait times, appointment availability, call volume and much more can easily lead to high patient retention and lower employee turnover.
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MGMA DataDive All Surveys

All SurveysBy combining all MGMA DataDive products into one, you have access to the best suite of healthcare benchmarking information, period. Plus, you receive 25% off for bundling them together.
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MGMA DataDive Better Performers

Better PerformersIf you strive to be the best, know where the best operates at with a specific dataset add-on that shows you only the best performing organizations. Discover top-level metrics in areas like operations, profitability, productivity and value.
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