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Starting a telehealth program in your practice: Know the steps

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Computers, smartphones and tablets increasingly offer new and potentially effective channels for delivering healthcare services. However, as telecommunications has revolutionized society, have healthcare organizations kept pace with the ability to offer telehealth services?

Healthcare organizations that have adopted telehealth services have touted the relative ease of getting their patients to understand and accept telehealth. For some patients, these services can be as easy to use as the video-call features, such as FaceTime or Skype, on their phones or home computers.

A recent MGMA Research & Analysis report, Telehealth: Adoption and Best Practices, outlined strategies for starting up a telehealth program within a medical group practice. These are the key takeaways:

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Andrew Hajde
Andrew Hajde CMPE
Assistant Director, Association Content MGMA Englewood, Colorado

Chris Harrop
Chris Harrop
Senior Editorial Manager MGMA

Chris Harrop is senior editorial manager for Medical Group Management Association. In this role, he serves as editor of MGMA's flagship print publication, MGMA Connection magazine, and oversees the publications team that produces the MGMA Member newsletter, Executive View, Student newsletter. Prior to joining MGMA, Chris was managing editor of multiple community news organizations in the Denver metropolitan area. Email Chris Harrop.