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In this episode of MGMA Insider, Molly Ramsay, Principal, Corporate Operations Director, and Amber Pedersen, Administrator, both of MedMan Medical Management, join the podcast.

With the unemployment rate dropping to a record-low 3.6% in April, a level not seen in 50 years, it’s created an extremely competitive marketplace

Ramsay and Pedersen say this moment in history has caused many practices to change their recruitment and onboarding strategies.

"I remember five years ago I would post a reception job and get over 70 resumes in the first day of posting," says Ramsay. "This last year, when I posted a reception job, I got probably 30 resumes."

Not only are there fewer resumes coming in, but candidates are receiving multiple offers, which has caused additional problems.

"We are experiencing applicants not showing up for the interview or accepting our position, but then resigning before they start because they got a better offer," says Pedersen.

That's why Ramsay and Pedersen say it's important to "Stay engaged with the candidate all the way through the hiring process to make a connection that your organization is invested in them before they even start day one. We send a welcome email with all the paperwork that needs to be filled out so that on their first actual day we are prepared and they can login to all the systems."

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