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    Ryan Reaves
    Ryan Reaves

    It's no secret that healthcare leaders are experiencing record-level stress and burnout. A recent MGMA Stat poll found that 75% of medical group leaders say their stress and/or burnout levels have increased this year, which only slightly improved from a similar 2022 poll. Practice leaders can improve time management, mitigate stressors, and prevent burnout by forming habits such as developing time management best practices, enacting a process for viewing emails, and optimizing meetings.

    Mindful Movement

    Another way to connect with stress is through mindful movement. In MGMA’s most recent Mindful Medicine podcast episode, Nike yoga instructor Xochilt Hoover shares her journey of practicing and teaching yoga since 2009. Hoover is currently enrolled in Brown University’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher training program, and her yoga classes can be streamed on Netflix. In her conversation with MGMA senior editor Daniel Williams, MBA, MSEM, she shared insights from her personal journey of self-discovery on and off the mat. What started as her way to find stillness in a busy life has blossomed into a teaching methodology centered around presence.

    Beginning the Yoga Journey

    Hoover was first drawn to yoga 15 years ago, seeking spiritual fulfillment different from her gym routines. She immersed herself in yoga's mindfulness elements, such as slow, focused breathing through regular practice. Inspired to share this approach, Hoover completed teacher training to become a full-time instructor. She launched a series of online classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing slow and accessible movements with a soft style that offers a unique take on fitness. This led to opportunities with Nike, including recording classes for the Nike Club Training app.

    Incorporating Meditation into Yoga

    Hoover's practice emphasizes enjoying each moment rather than pushing limits. Each session ends with a guided meditation that allows students to still their minds after warming up through yoga. Many of her students have responded positively to this approach and appreciate its contrast to intensity-focused fitness.

    Finding Joy in Movement

    While not pushing any single practice, Hoover encourages students to explore enjoyable activities like her passion for cycling classes. Engaging in these activities can enhance wellness benefits while reducing everyday stress.


    Seamlessly integrating mindfulness into yoga is a thoughtful approach that highlights how movement and stillness can foster physical and mental well-being. Finding stillness through yoga and meditation can help balance busy and restless lives in a modern world.

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    Ryan Reaves

    Written By

    Ryan Reaves

    Ryan Reaves is content coordinator at MGMA. He is a seasoned content professional with a background in both community journalism and sports apparel eCommerce. Ryan is skilled in proofreading, image editing, and writing online content in a fast-paced environment. At MGMA, Ryan develops and edits content for books, podcasts and consulting.

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