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    Do you have a critical question or need help with a complicated medical practice management issue? With MGMA's Ask MGMA program, you can depend on our team of experts to provide answers, recommendations and the tools you need to be successful.

    Benefits of Ask MGMA

    MGMA’s expertise on a wide range of industry topics

    Resources and tools available to MGMA members only

    Confidential inquiries and responses

    Areas of Expertise

    Financial Management
    Government Programs
    Health Information Technology
    Human Resources
    Operations Management
    Quality & Patient Experience
    Revenue Cycle
    Risk & Compliance  

    For data/survey questions please email

    We look forward to your questions!

    Simply click the "Ask MGMA" button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, fill out the form and we will contact you within two business days with a response to your question.


    1. I am a member, and I have a question. What should I do?
      For prompt advice, simply click the "Ask MGMA" link in the bottom right corner to submit your question to an MGMA expert. This will allow:
      • The MGMA expert time to do any necessary research before responding
      • Questions to be looked at by multiple experts if necessary
      • The team to work through the inquiries we’ve received in chronological order, ensuring that all our members get a response as soon as possible
      • The team to include relevant resources (tools, checklists, guides, articles, etc.) in their response to ensure that we are giving the best, most up-to-date and thorough advice as possible
    2. What if I'm not a member and have a question. What should I do?
      Still submit your question by clicking "Ask MGMA" in the bottom right corner and we will assist you with your question if it doesn't require membership, or will provide you with information on the benefits of MGMA membership or how to become a member if your question requires membership to access an expert.
    3. When will I hear back from someone?
      Your question will be submitted directly to our team of subject matter experts and you will receive a confirmation email the day your question is submitted. One of our experts will then do the necessary research and respond back within 2 business days.
    4. Are my inquiries treated confidentially?
      Yes, always. Furthermore, our advice is confidential; we will not inform anybody that you have sought advice from us without your permission.
    5. Can I get advice if I am not a member?
      The MGMA expert support is for members only.  Learn more about MGMA membership.
    6. Are there other resources available before getting in touch with an Expert?
      Yes. Visit for a wide range of resources and tools to help you get the help you need. 
    7. What if nobody gets back to me?
      If you have not received a response within two business days, please contact the MGMA Customer Service Center at 877.275.6462 ext. 1888.


    • MGMA's subject matter expert support programs are available to MGMA members only, with additional analyst support available to certain categories of membership only. To check eligibility or upgrade your membership, please contact MGMA Customer Service 877.275.6462 ext. 1888 or 
    • This member benefit provides up to 4 written inquiries per 12-month membership period (one per quarter).
    • MGMA membership benefits cannot be shared. MGMA's experts may only speak with or send information to the person holding the MGMA membership.   
    • Due to federal regulations, MGMA experts are not able to provide services to members from foreign countries. 
    • If you do not receive an automatic response acknowledging receipt of your request, please check to see if your spam blocker is activated.
    • If you have already received a response to your request and need further clarification on the issue, contact the MGMA expert who responded to your original request for follow-up.
    • MGMA experts are not attorneys and they cannot provide legal advice. They provide general information which is not a substitute for legal advice.

    Ask MGMA
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