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    Editor’s Note: This article is condensed from the MGMA Insights Podcast episode titled “Unlocking Strategies for Medical Practice Leaders with Andy Swanson.” In this episode, Daniel Williams, Senior Editor at MGMA, interviews Andy Swanson, MGMA’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Sales. They discuss MGMA’s strategic approach to face-to-face conferences, the Advanced Strategy for Medical Practice Leaders book series, and new initiatives tailored to support medical practice leaders.

    Key concepts: face-to-face conferences | advanced practitioner strategies | book series for leaders | workforce management | technology adoption | leadership development

    Read this if: You are a medical practice leader looking for practical solutions and strategies to enhance your practice.

    Key takeaway: By participating in MGMA’s face-to-face conferences, engaging with the Advanced Strategy book series, and leveraging new initiatives, medical practice leaders can gain insights and tools to address industry challenges effectively.

    5 Ways to Grow Your Leadership Skills 

    Peer-to-Peer Learning
    Face-to-face conferences offer a unique opportunity for seasoned practitioners to deepen their understanding and exchange real-world experiences. "The true value of face-to-face conferences lies in the in-depth discussions about not just technology, but also broader strategies to optimize workforce and resources." These gatherings foster dynamic interactions and the sharing of practical solutions among peers, significantly enhancing learning and problem-solving capabilities.

    • Actionable Tip: Consider attending MGMA’s Financial and Operations Conferences to immerse yourself in industry insights. Engage in sessions that emphasize case studies and real-world applications for a deeper understanding of advanced strategies.

    Dive Deep with the Advanced Strategy Book Series
    The Advanced Strategy for Medical Practice Leaders book series is tailored for experienced practitioners aiming to elevate their expertise in financial management, human resources and operations. "Our finance and HR books, along with our upcoming operations book, serve as comprehensive guides for those who wish to advance to an expert level in their fields." These books offer detailed guidance on navigating complex challenges and improving practice efficiency, providing a pathway to expert-level knowledge.

    • Actionable tip: Explore the Advanced Strategy book series for insights on tailored strategies and expert advice. Begin with the Financial Management and Human Resources Management editions to build a solid foundation for advanced practice leadership.

    Address Workforce Challenges with New Conferences
    MGMA is introducing new conferences focused on staffing and private practices to tackle specific healthcare industry challenges. "The staffing conference will address workforce management, while the private practice conference will focus on the unique issues faced by independent medical practices." These conferences aim to facilitate advanced discussions on HR practices, workforce planning, and the distinct challenges of private practices.

    Engage with Resource Groups at the Leaders Conference
    This year's Leaders Conference in Denver will include specialized resource groups for collaborative discussions among peers facing similar challenges. "We've seen success with resource groups or affinity groups, and we plan to expand this to include more specialized discussions." These groups create a supportive learning environment that enables leaders to share experiences and collaboratively develop solutions.

    • Actionable Tip: Join resource groups this October at the 2024 MGMA Leaders Conference to connect with peers, share challenges, and collaboratively develop solutions that can enhance your professional growth and network.

    Provide Continuous Feedback for Improvement
    MGMA values continuous feedback from its members to refine and improve content relevance. Engaging in conversations about specific challenges helps tailor offerings to meet members' needs. "We need to hear about the core challenges to effectively help solve them, allowing us to build better resources." Providing detailed feedback enables MGMA to identify and address the most pressing issues facing medical practice leaders.

    • Actionable Tip: Actively engage in MGMA surveys and feedback opportunities. Share your challenges and insights to help shape future content and resources, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful.

    Direct Sources and Resources Mentioned:

    • Advanced Strategy for Medical Practice Leaders Book Series:
    • Upcoming Conferences:
      • MGMA Staffing Conference (August 15-16, Boston): Learn More
      • MGMA Private Practice Conference (August 22-23, Annapolis): Learn More
      • MGMA Leaders Conference (October 6-9, Denver): Learn More

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