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    MGMA is excited to announce MGMA Mentorship Program for 2024 is now open! We are committed to providing top of the line educational expereinces for our younger members and unique volunteering opportunites for our more expereinced members. If you are looking to mentor or become a mentee, apply today as spots are filling up on both sides.

    Key Responsibilities

    • If you have a great deal of experience in the healthcare industry and are looking for a way to give back to the next generation of healthcare leadership, this is a great opportunity for you!
    • You’ll meet with your partner once a month (virtually)
    • During each meeting, you’ll discuss and have input on the progress of goals that you and your mentee set for your mentee in your first meeting

    Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Required

    • Must be a member of MGMA for several years (Mentor only)
    • 10+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry (Mentor only)
    • Added bonus if you have obtained your CMPE or FACMPE credentials


    • You’ll receive volunteer credit for your time (Mentor only)
    • You will know you are helping further the mission of MGMA and transforming healthcare by supporting new and future healthcare leadership

    Term/Time Commitment/Location

    • 6-month partnership
    • Meeting with your mentee/mentor at a time that works for both of you approximately 1 time per month, likely virtually unless you happen to be in the same city and both agree to meet in person
    • Please only sign up if you have time to invest in this opportunity, and flexibility in your schedule to meet the scheduling needs of both you and your partner
    • Kicking off in September/October and ending in February/March
    • 10 volunteer hours will be added to your MGMA account upon completion of this program (Mentors only)

    Ask MGMA
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