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    Thank you for your interest in our mentor program! By completing this form you are indicating that you would like to be matched with an MGMA member who will serve as your mentor.

    Some of the brightest leaders in healthcare are part of the MGMA network, and this program aims to pair these leaders with up-and-coming healthcare professionals like you that may be looking for a coach, sounding board, support or guidance. One of the most important ways a mentor can help their mentee is by sharing their own experiences and expertise – why not learn from the best so you can be the best? 

    You are the future of healthcare, and we will not let you fail. Here are some examples of what a mentor can offer:

    • Sharing experiences and expertise: Provide valuable insights and guidance on the best practices for managing medical organizations and leading teams. They can also help mentees to understand the latest trends and developments in the healthcare industry and provide advice on how to stay ahead of the curve.
    • Providing support and guidance: Help to find solutions to difficult problems, provide encouragement when a mentee is feeling overwhelmed, and offer a fresh perspective when they are feeling stuck.
    • Keeping mentees focused on their goals: Help mentees to stay focused on their goals and keep them motivated when they are feeling discouraged.
    • Building mentees' professional networks: By connecting mentees with others in the industry, mentors can help them to develop valuable relationships, build their reputation, and find new opportunities for growth and advancement.
    • Encouraging personal and professional growth: Help develop a mentee’s own leadership and management skills, and encourage them to pursue new opportunities for personal and professional growth.


    Mentee Testimonials

    "I am very grateful for the mentor program. I have a great match with my mentor and she has been very supportive of helping me however she can. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would benefit from networking with a veteran colleague." – Stephanie Liles

    "I have had a wonderful experience with my mentor in the mentor program provided by MGMA. From the beginning, Mrs. Graves has been nothing short of incredible. We have touched upon multiple areas of leadership, including: growth, personal/career goals, and how to better deliver information. I highly recommend the program to anyone!" – Deborah Maldanado

    "My experience, so far, has been spectacular. My mentor is very informational and has answered my questions to the best of her ability. She has provided me with her knowledge, expertise, and wisdom that contributed to her success. She has provided me with a great deal of information and professional development ideas to expand my knowledge. She has also provided me with access to some of her leadership courses to gain more knowledge. Our first meeting was focused on what I am expecting to get out of our mentorship. As we were talking and getting to learn about each other, I realized that we have so much in common. I am going to enjoy these next few months with her." - Shabree Lee

    Mentor Testimonials

    "Serving as a mentor in the MGMA Mentoring program has been very rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to give back to the profession, by being a resource to those new in our field. While I may not have all the answers, I am able to guide my mentee in directions that benefit them. I have had several conversations with my mentee on topics including leadership, career development, work life balance, and more. If it wasn't for this program, the mentees may not have any other opportunity to learn from those that have had years of experience in healthcare administration." – Anthony Schirer

    "I have met with my mentee on several occasions. He has been very attentive, inquisitive, and eager to learn from my experience. Luke is just starting his career (actually he hasn't finished college yet) but has a very bright future. The fact that he has engaged with MGMA to seek out a mentor speaks volumes about his eagerness to learn and motivation to succeed. I have found being a mentor to be very professionally rewarding." - Jackson Norton

    "My mentee is great! Julia is interested in current management issues, how to prepare for new roles and how to approach her current leadership for expanded roles.  We have discussed finding a champion, tools to help 'read' situations better and different ways of connecting with people in various layers of the hierarchy both within and outside her organization. Julia comes to the sessions prepared with questions and situations to discuss and reads articles and books I recommend to help us have more in-depth discussions.  A great experience for me, the mentor, and hopefully for the mentee as well." - Jonathan Tamir

    "The MGMA mentor program has inspired me as I have had the opportunity to hear a young leader struggle with a problem, formulate a possible plan, and start to implement that plan. I can't wait to see the success as we continue this relationship." - Kim Dignan

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as an MGMA mentor. It has been gratifying to assist my mentee as she plots a path in the early stages of her healthcare career. Answering her questions gives her some additional perspectives to consider. At the same time, invariably it enables me to reflect on my past healthcare management experiences which are (often) fun to recall." - Edward Freeman

    "I always recommend to others the importance of a mentorship program in their life. Ideally, as I continue to develop as a professional, I'll begin shift from mentee in most relationships into the mentor role. I am very excited to always be a student to life, and my profession. The relationships that I have gained through these programs are invaluable. It is a great feeling to have someone that has no monetary vested interest in the relationship, therefore allowing them to purely focus on the results and experiences to help me develop. The MGMA Mentoring Program is a great example of how partnering with a leader in the industry can help incite growth!" - Daniel Bowlin

    "I am very much enjoying my monthly calls with my mentee. I find her to be deeply motivated to pursue a career in the healthcare field. I think that it is expected and usual for those that are in school or just beginning their career to lack the self confidence in the avenue of healthcare to pursue (finance, operations, HR) and I found that my mentee was in that same place. She was performing an internship in HR but her heart was not really in that area of healthcare. She found an opportunity to connect with a leader in the Finance Department and I hope that our conversations of encouragement helped her to move forward with opening her discussion with the contact in Finance. Now she is interning in the Finance Department and she is loving the work that she is doing there. She knows that Finance is where her heart is and I hope that our discussions helped her to make that decision and to 'go for it'. I look forward to continuing my discussions with my mentee as she graduates from her program and moves forward into her career in healthcare." - Julie Sylvestre


    Feel more suited to be a mentor? Visit our Mentor page.  

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