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MGMA Research & Analysis reports

MGMA DataDive is already the industry's best benchmarking tool by offering metrics representing thousands of organizations and hundreds of professions. We are thrilled that we have made the tool even more comprehensive by adding our renowned Research & Analysis reports as an exclusive MGMA DataDive feature. 

These reports are detailed, comprehensive analyses that capture the heart and soul of hot industry topics and deliver insider information to help you manage your practice more effectively. These reports not only seek to provide insight and best practices based on MGMA’s most recent data, but also empower you to make sound decisions that can improve practice efficiency. 

Gain access to all of our reports by checking out MGMA DataDive, including our latest reports below. Excerpt available for download where applicable. 

New:  Factors of a positive practice culture: Behavior modeling, Communication, Engagement & Empowerment  

Factors of a positive cultureAvailable only in MGMA DataDive,this Research & Analysis report, Factors of a positive practice culture: Behavior modeling, Communication, Engagement & Empowerment, details practical and proven strategies, insights and a plethora of resources covering four key employee-specific workplace areas: Behavior modeling, communication, engagement and empowerment.

By employing this knowledge to build a stronger and more positive organizational culture, medical practices can alleviate burnout and promote an environment of well-being that consistently supports joy, purpose and meaning in medicine.

Other reports available now in MGMA DataDive:

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