Optimization of Healthcare Technology to Improve Patient Engagement: Action Steps and Best Practices

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Patient Engagement

Health Information Technology

According to recent MGMA research, the following technologies had the most positive impact on healthcare organizations in recent years: patient portals, automated appointment reminder systems, check-in technologies, telehealth, digital payment options and data analytics.

These six technologies can have profound impacts on both patient engagement and practice workflow. Implementing check-in technologies that make sense for a practice’s unique patient demographics, for example, can reduce the administrative burdens and delays of processing paperwork, and simultaneously improve patient experience. While cost and adoption challenges still exist, these technologies can lead to more efficient and effective care delivery when implemented strategically.

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This report provides a point of entry into these and other patient-focused, healthcare technologies allowing practice leaders to expedite technological improvements via these five steps:

1. Examine current practice environment to uncover opportunities for automation.
2. Review existing technologies to determine how they address patient experience challenges.
3. Uncover best practices and common mistakes from peers.
4. Identify the top three "easy wins" to pursue to achieve greater patient engagement through technology.
5. Start the conversation among stakeholders and initiate change in a practice.

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