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    The Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential is recognized as the professional standard in medical practice management — a unique identifier that can demonstrate your professional expertise and open new doors throughout the industry.

    The skillset required to complete Board Certification includes a deep understanding and knowledge of the principles of the Body of Knowledge for medical practice management, the application of those principles to real-life situations and scenarios in healthcare, and knowledge on how to successfully manage all aspects of a medical practice.

    ACMPE Board Certification Application

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    How do I apply?
    1. MGMA Membership is required.
    2. Purchase and complete the application*, required to ensure equitable eligibility.
    3. Choose one of three pathways based on your current healthcare experience and education level.

    *Applications are active for three years from purchase date

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    Call 877.275.6462 ext. 1888 for student, Veteran or Active Duty application discounts.

    What are the eligibility pathways?
    • Pathway 1: 2+ healthcare experience, hold a Bachelor's Degree or have completed 120 college credit hours
    • Pathway 2 (students/early careerists): May be currently completing 2+ healthcare experience with less than 3 years’ time left to complete*, or may be currently completing your Bachelor's Degree or have completed 120 college credit hours with less than 3 years’ time left to complete*
    • Pathway 3: 6+ healthcare experience, four of which must be in healthcare management or a healthcare leadership role

    Once accepted, you are required to complete all requirements.

    How do I complete my requirements and become Board Certified?
    • Purchase and pass the multiple-choice exam
    • Purchase and pass scenario-based exam*
    • Earn 50 continuing education (CE) hours, may be completed up to three years prior to application purchase date and onwards
      • Of the 50, 30 must come from MGMA and its affiliates, and of the 30 from MGMA, 12 must be from a LIVE delivery format
    • Board Approval, after all requirements are met. You can complete exams and continuing education in any order.
    • Applicants have three years from their application PURCHASE date to complete their Board Certification requirements before needing to reapply.

    *Scenario-based exam cannot be purchased or completed until education and experience qualifications are met.

    What happens once I achieve Board Certification?

    Once requirements met, the conferring report is pulled on the 15th of every month for Board approval. At month’s end up to the first week of the following month, your recognitions are delivered.


    • Email confirmation of completion
    • Designation added to MGMA account
    • Notification of credential earned to add to signatures
    • Verbiage to add to traditional resumes without digital capabilities
    • Press release template
    • A verifiable digital badge that serves as a digital certificate to add to all web-based media including but not limited to websites, signatures, and digital resumes
      • The digital badge allows for anytime printing of official certificate of content mastered.


    • Letter confirmation of completion
    • Printed official certificate for framing
    • Pin of achievement

    To the Industry: 

    • Recognition of achievement at the MGMA Leaders Conference 
    • Email to your identified employer and organization of the achievement and its value 
    • Possible MGMA social recognition 

    How do I maintain my credential?
    • Remain an MGMA Member
    • Submit 50 CE hours every three years on a set schedule
      • Of the 50, 30 must come from MGMA and its affiliates, and of the 30 from MGMA, 12 must be from a LIVE delivery format.

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