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    Kristin Baird
    Kristin Baird, MHA, RN

    Access an exclusive session from our 2021 Medical Practices Excellence Conference. 

    Speakers: Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA, president and chief executive officer, Baird Group 
    Jessica Bush, RN, BSN, consultant, patient experience, Surgeon's Choice Medical Center 
    It's time to re-examine assumptions about turnover while exploring low-cost and no-cost steps to improve retention. The rate and cost of turnover in medical practices impacts morale, productivity, quality and reputation. This session combines case studies with discussion, lecture and polls for a hands-on, interactive and informative experience that takes an honest look at the numbers and focuses on what leaders can do to create and sustain a more engaged, loyal workforce. This session will examine the true cost of turnover and what can be done to retain your existing staff by keeping them engaged and invested in the organization. Attendees will learn eight actions leaders can take to strengthen the culture and become the leader nobody wants to leave. Participants will receive a self-evaluation tool and a framework for creating a three-step action plan for improving engagement and retention.  
    Learning Objectives  

    • Examine the costs of employee and provider turnover (financial, quality, morale and reputation) 
    • Distinguish eight actions every leader can take to start increasing engagement and decreasing turnover 
    • Outline a retention strategy and concrete action plan 

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