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    Jared Pelo
    Jared Pelo, MD, FACEP

    This article has been republished from the Nuance Healthcare What’s Next Blog.

    The current standard for 21st-century healthcare delivery is in flux, with unique challenges preventing care teams from ensuring high-quality, patient-centered care. Many of the challenges are fundamental, interconnected, and share a consistent factor: clinical documentation burden. Physicians today are looking for more than the status quo—they want intuitive, innovative solutions that redefine the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and administrators alike.

    The intersection of challenges confronting providers, patients, and administrators

    Clinician burnout, hindered care team communication, declining patient satisfaction, increased financial pressures, growing administrative demands, and obstacles to effective care delivery—each of these issues has profound repercussions and requires advanced leadership, solutions, and innovative foresight to address.

    Physicians, administrators, and their organizations face significant obstacles that multiply and intensify every year. Time-consuming documentation requirements, central to our healthcare system’s operations and the reimbursements physicians and health systems receive, have become a thorn in the side of many providers – making it increasingly difficult to deliver the consistently high-quality care for which they strive and patients deserve.

    The Solution: Shaping the Future of Healthcare with Nuance DAX

    Nuance has innovated a powerful ambient clinical intelligence technology, Nuance DAX, with a simple objective: to improve the provider-patient experience with clinical documentation that writes itself™. The computer—a ubiquitous middleman in the modern exam—will no longer compete with the patient for the physician’s attention.

    The Nuance DAX is a transformative answer to many of healthcare’s biggest challenges. With Nuance DAX, providers are embarking on a new strategy for clinical documentation grounded in intuitive technology and operational efficiency—leading to time savings that facilitate greater patient access and additional revenue. Nuance DAX is primed to lead healthcare’s return to the ideal model of the physician-patient relationship, practicing medicine the way it used to be, with human conversation once again at its core.

    Nuance DAX transforms the physician-patient experience by enabling the physician to focus entirely on the patient. Its sophisticated conversational AI and ambient technology capture and contextualizes the patient encounter, which is then available in the EHR for the physician’s review and signature. Nuance DAX supports a comprehensive suite of specialties, including urgent care and primary care, with clinical notes tailored to each specialty’s needs.

    Positive impact on the delivery of care

    This technology will lead to positive impacts on the delivery of care that will revolutionize the healthcare experience across medical specialties, amplifying healthcare professionals’ ability to help others by:

    • Rehumanizing the patient experience
    • Unburdening physicians so they can focus on their patients and themselves
    • Reimagining how organizations operate to improve the balance sheet

    Leveraging innovation to advance care

    Nuance DAX is launching healthcare into a more sustainable future, returning the patient-provider relationship to the forefront of the care delivery experience. This is just the beginning of the benefits that the Nuance DAX solution can bring. To read more about how Nuance DAX is helping to solve suboptimal patient care, clinician burnout and missed reimbursement, and financial pressures directly from physicians who are using it and the exceptional return on investment they’ve achieved, download the whitepaper.

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    Jared Pelo

    Written By

    Jared Pelo, MD, FACEP

    Jared Pelo, MD, is an Emergency Medicine physician and innovator. Dr. Pelo helps lead the ambient clinical intelligence team at Nuance, as the Chief Medical Information Officer. Dr. Pelo’s passion is the intersection of technology and healthcare. With a deep understanding of complex systems and artificial intelligence, he creates solutions that make healthcare more functional and efficient.

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