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    Maximizing-Physician-Efficacy-and-Productivity-with-Automated-Documentation.jpgA physician’s time is best spent on cognitive tasks such as direct patient care — but unprecedented staffing shortages lead to a growing number of administrative tasks falling directly on physicians.

    Almost half (45%) of American physicians experienced burnout sometime in the past two years. As more physicians and nurses exit the industry, issues of burnout and stress may accelerate for remaining clinicians. When it comes to physician and clinician retention, hospitals and practices need strategies to incentivize clinicians, help alleviate administrative burdens, provide paths to productivity and efficiency, and ultimately a better work-life balance.

    This whitepaper explores these challenges and reveals three opportunities to reduce the administrative and clerical burden on physicians, improve physician productivity and enhance patient experience. Fill out the form on this page for access to the whitepaper.

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