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    The Challenge: Improve the patient experience and staff retention

    More than 80,000 children and their families rely on Pediatric Health Care Alliance (PHCA) for everything from wellness assessments and immunizations to infection treatment, behavioral health services and even after-hours care. When it comes to a child’s health, the last thing families need to worry about is the convenience and security of their payments.

    Before partnering with Inovalon, PHCA had significant concerns over security, patient experience and staff retention, recalls Don Szewczyk, the organization’s director of information security and privacy officer. “First, there’s always a concern for our patients’ parents when they have to make a payment over the phone. Is someone writing down their credit card number? Do they have to worry about someone stealing their information?”

    At the same time, PHCA’s leadership knew that the group was not living up to its goals for office efficiency and employee morale. With multiple billing employees assigned to pursue patient payments over the phone, the process was labor-intensive and slow. “We pride ourselves on innovation and integration,” Szewczyk said, noting that the group is continuously searching out ways to utilize technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks.

    “People want to grow, and they want the chance to advance. They don’t want to be stuck doing manual tasks. If you have someone just processing credit cards and making phone calls to capture payments, for the most part, you’re not going to keep that person for a long time.”

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