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    Strengthen the power of your credentials with our new digital badging benefit. Achieving your professional development and credentials should be the hardest part, not explaining it to other industry professionals. 

    To simplify and visualize your achievements, MGMA has partnered with Credly's digital badge platform to provide you with a digital version of your ACMPE Certificates, Board Certification, and Fellowship. Digital badges symbolize your achievements in a way that can be displayed, accessed, verified and shared online. 

    These badges provide your peers and employers verifiable evidence of what you accomplished to earn an ACMPE Certificate, Board Certification or Fellowship. They share the story of:

    • What you had to complete 
    • What value it holds 
    • And, the standards they met to earn the credential 

    Learn More About Badges

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    ACMPE Certificates

    Share your accomplishment of an ACMPE Certificate with your peers. Below you'll find pre-written social posts to go with posting your Digital Badge on your social channels.

    Copy and paste social content below:

    • I am thrilled to announce I have completed a Certificate through the @MGMA American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). This certificate validates my knowledge and understanding of core principles of medical practice management! #ACMPE #medicalpracticecertificate
    • Excited to share I have completed a @MGMA ACMPE Certificate! This badge showcases the completion of learning set knowledge areas and skills in medical practice management. #ACMPE #careerdevelopment
    ACMPE Board Certification

    Share your ACMPE Board Certification accomplishment with your peers. Below you'll find pre-written social posts to post your Digital Badge on your social channels.

    Copy and paste social content below: 

    • Today, I'm excited to announce I am officially @MGMA ACMPE Board Certified. It's an honor to have achieved the professional standard in medical practice management. #careerdevelopment #MGMABoardCertification
    • After all of my dedicated time and effort, I am proud to share I have completed @MGMA ACMPE Board Certification. With this achievement, I look forward to contributing to medical practice professionals growing, learning, and improving patient care. #MGMABoardCertification #professionaldevelopment
    ACMPE certification badge in silver and black
    ACMPE Fellowship

    Share your Fellowship accomplishment with your peers. Below you'll find pre-written social posts to post your Digital Badge on your social channels.

    Copy and paste social content below:

    • Today, I'm excited to say I am an @MGMA ACMPE Fellow. It's an honor to stand alongside so many inspiring healthcare leaders working to transform the future of medical practice leadership and excellence. #healthcareleadership #ACMPEFellow
    • After hours of dedication and hard work, I am proud to share I am a @MGMA ACMPE Fellow. With this achievement, I am excited to help others within the medical practice professional grow, learn, and improve patient care. #ACMPEFellow #professionaldevelopment 
    • I am thrilled to announce I have officially completed the ACMPE Fellowship program with @MGMA. Thank you to all who have supported me throughout the process! Congratulations to all of the other astounding professionals who also completed the program. #Fellow #ACMPE
    American College of Medical Practice Executives Fello plaque

    How to claim your MGMA Badge
    1. Earn It: Complete the requirements to achieve the badge you are striving for.  
    2. Secure it: Once you have earned your badge, you’ll receive a confirmation email from MGMA followed by a notification from Credly, our partner's digital badge platform with instructions on how to set up your account then claim and share your digital badge. 
    3. Share it: Let your peers and prospective employers know about your new credential by sharing it. You can share your badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, over email, and embed it in your digital resume, or in your email signature. 

    Credly Badge FAQ

    What is a digital badge? 

    Digital badges are web-enabled versions of a certificate, credential, certification or learning outcome which can be verified in real-time, online.

    How does my accomplishment get displayed as a badge? 

    We have partnered with Credly to translate the learning outcomes you’ve demonstrated into a badge, issued and managed through the company digital badging platform. This enables you to manage, share and verify your competencies digitally. 

    What are the benefits of a badge? 

    Representing your skills as a badge allows you to share your abilities online in a simple, trusted verifiable format. Badges provide potential and current employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had accomplish to earn your credential.

    How will I know if I’ve earned a badge? 

    You will receive an email notification from Credly ( with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your account. 

    What if I don’t want my badge to be public? 

    You can easily configure your privacy settings in Credly. You’re in complete control of the information about yourself that is made public. 

    Is there a fee to use Credly? 

    No. This is a benefit MGMA provides to you, at no cost. 

    What’s to keep someone else from copying my badge and using it? 

    While badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on Credly. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credential and your associated identity. 

    Where and how can I share my badge? 

    You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; over email; embedded in a website or in your email signature. 

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