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    Volunteer Roles: State Liaison

    Volunteer Roles: State Liaison

    Why did you decide to get involved with MGMA?

    I was new to healthcare and wanted to meet others in the local area (San Diego County) and get better educated on current topics, issues and challenges.

    What do you find most rewarding about volunteering for MGMA?

    The opportunity to meet so many wonderful and knowledgeable people. 

    How did you decide that practice management was the career for you?

    I realized early on in my career that while I wasn’t cut out to be a patient care provider, I had a lot to offer providers and provider organizations and support their mission helping patients and promoting health.

    What is your favorite book, website or resource for practice managers?

    The obvious choice here is right?

    What is the best tip you give to people who are just starting a career in practice management?

    Get involved, make a point of meeting your peers and whatever you give you will get back many times over.

    How do you relax after a busy week?

    Hiking in the local mountains with my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, surfing, playing my bass and cooking…love to cook!

    What is your top tip for maintaining work/life balance?

    Make sure you take time to do things for yourself so you can be a better family member, work associate and person.  There have been times when I have forgot to exercise, relax and take a break, mentally and physically, and friends and family had to point out that I didn’t look very happy.  You’ve got to have balance to bring out the best in yourself.

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