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    December 20, 2022

    Media Contact:
    Emily Dowsett
    Associate Director, Public Affairs
    MGMA statement on Medicare cut provisions included in omnibus draft

    Anders Gilberg
    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
    Medical Group Management Association
    “On behalf of our nation’s medical groups — ranging from small physician practices in rural areas to large regional and national health systems — MGMA is deeply dismayed by the failure of Congress to adequately address the full 4.5% cut to the Medicare conversion factor set to take effect on Jan. 1. It is unconscionable that while every other provider category in the Medicare program is receiving a positive 2023 inflation update, physician rates will be cut. Medical practices are in no way immune to the impact of the broader economy, and have been suffering from significant staffing shortages, wage inflation, and drastic cost increases across the board. Any cut to the Medicare conversion factor is simply untenable in this environment.
    This short-sighted cut will exacerbate growing access to care issues faced by Medicare beneficiaries across the country. In fact, 92% of medical groups reported that Medicare reimbursement in 2022 already fails to adequately cover the cost of care provided — and that’s before the additional cut is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1. Should Congress fail to avert the full 4.5% cut in final legislation this week, medical groups have reported they will be forced to make tough business decisions such as limiting the number of Medicare patients served, laying off clinical staff, and closing satellite locations.”


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