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    MGMA · Strategies for Marketing Your Medical Practice in Today’s COVID-19 Environment

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    Marketing your medical practice is no longer just an option. In a time and industry wholly consumed by COVID-19, it has to be a priority. Patients need to know how to prepare for in-person visits in today’s “new normal.” They need to know what measures are being taken to ensure their safety. And, if available, they need to know the ins and outs of telehealth and if it’s a viable alternative to the traditional trip to the office. 

    Jennifer Thompson, president, Insight Marketing Group, Jennifer-Thompson.jpgrecently joined the MGMA Insights podcast to discuss how she’s helping medical practices amplify that messaging through social media and other creative marketing avenues. 

    “We can look at this as a negative and a giant headache, or we can look at this as an opportunity to come out ahead,” she said. “Right now is a great time to try new things. It’s a great time to be nimble and be ready to pivot when things don’t work. And it’s OK if things don’t work. We’re in unchartered waters.”

    To access the checklists, templates, podcast and other resources Thompson referenced in this episode, visit

    Here are other highlights from Thompson’s interview:


    • (5:17) “I don’t know sometimes when I’m going to the mailbox if the checks are going to be in the mail or if we’re doing all this just out of the goodness of our heart. I think that’s just the level of uncertainty that everybody’s feeling.” 
    • (8:59) “Before, it always felt like we’re part of this group that’s over on the other side. But I would say that the marketing team is critical to the day-to-day operation of the business, because you can’t communicate without them at this point.” 
    • (26:20) “Social media is your chance to stay relevant with your patients so that later on when they do need you, they’re going to come to you. It’s allowed us to experiment on a lot of things that we haven’t experimented with in the past. And that’s all because we invested in being in it versus just being on it with our clients over the years.” 
    • (40:32) “Now, it’s absolutely imperative that you’re authentic in your marketing, that you’re not trying to put a spin on anything. You need to be authentic, and that means sometimes not being perfect. It’s certainly not the time to hit the brakes, because if you hit the brakes, you’re going to be so far behind as soon as things ramp back up.”

    Additional resources:

    To keep up with the latest regarding the pandemic, be sure to visit You can also connect with fellow members and healthcare peers at

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    MGMA Insights is presented by Decklan McGee, Rob Ketcham and Daniel Williams.

    Thanks to CareCredit and Scrubin Uniforms for sponsoring this episode. 

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