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    Ryan Reaves
    Ryan Reaves

    In this episode of MGMA’s Member Spotlight podcast, Julie Bouziotis, MBA, FACHE, FACMPE joins host Daniel Williams to discuss her career journey from English literature student to healthcare administrator. Bouziotis serves as department administrator for Stony Brook Dermatology Associates and has spent the last 20 years in healthcare. Listeners will gain insights into Bouziotis's path as she shares lessons learned about developing skills, empowering teams and engaging in lifelong learning.

    Healthcare journey and personal growth

    Bouziotis never expected to have a healthcare career. As an English literature student, she planned to become a college professor. But an early job in an orthopedic practice opened the door to a new path. Bouziotis eventually furthered her education by pursuing an MBA before obtaining fellowships in healthcare administration and practice management. Since then, she has used her leadership abilities to expand Stony Brook Dermatology in size and services.

    Leadership and lifelong learning

    Bouziotis focuses on developing her team members to their fullest potential. Her team’s engagement and feedback drive continuous improvements while she leads initiatives that earn recognition, like implementing a new registration system. She also shared an example of empowering an LPN through perspective-shifting leadership discussions and regular check-ins.

    Relationship with MGMA

    Committed to lifelong learning, Bouziotis has been a valuable contributor to MGMA’s platform. In addition to attending networking events, she’s published in Connection Magazine, will present in an upcoming webinar, and participates in the MGMA book club, which discusses works highlighting principles such as prioritizing people through a compelling vision. 

    The privilege of “steward” leadership

    Bouziotis views leadership as a privilege and seeks to be a steward of her organization rather than just a manager. This style of steward leadership prioritizes serving the organization’s overall mission over personal gain. Leaders can use this approach to optimize customer service by investing in staff through training to better support patients' needs. She's learned throughout her career that "best-in-class performance occurs when each person on the team has been given the tools to succeed and management is held accountable for leadership that prioritizes the success of others and reinforces a culture of learning opportunities and growth."

    Leadership philosophy

    In an article on, Bouziotis shared a leadership philosophy that has served her well. 'We know context is everything. Our organizations are highly texturized by the interplay of every connection we continue to refine and develop as moving targets. These are the connections between people and work where our management and leadership efforts intertwine and create coalescence like water droplets on a slide. The more closely aligned all stakeholders are from their respective vantage points with the mission and goal of the organization, the greater the longevity of the interlocking framework to mitigate exposures and breakage."


    Bouziotis's story is one of perseverance and a passion for growth. As she has risen as a healthcare leader, her story shows that unexpected career turns can lead to fulfillment when one remains open to new challenges and focused on developing others. By sharing her experiences, she inspires administrators to keep learning, connecting and empowering their teams to make a difference.


    Books discussed in the MGMA book club, including Leaders Eat Last

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    Ryan Reaves

    Written By

    Ryan Reaves

    Ryan Reaves is content coordinator at MGMA. He is a seasoned content professional with a background in both community journalism and sports apparel eCommerce. Ryan is skilled in proofreading, image editing, and writing online content in a fast-paced environment. At MGMA, Ryan develops and edits content for books, podcasts and consulting.

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