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    Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams, MBA, MSEM

    MGMA senior editor Daniel Williams interviewed TopResume career advice expert Amanda Augustine to find out the best practices needed to succeed when engaged in an over the phone job interview.

    In the interview, Augustine provided tips on best practices for before, during and after the phone interview, including:
    • In the preparation for a phone interview, how much time should you spend refining your own experiences and best traits versus how much time should you prepare learning about the company?
    • Since most of these interviews happen during business work hours and most candidates have a current job, how does a job interviewer best plan for that time away from or out of the office?
    • What is the best advice for answering common questions like “what’s your greatest weakness” and sounding different from everyone else?
    • What questions should you ask the company/interviewer via phone interview?
    • What are the most common phone interview mistakes that job seekers should avoid? 

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    Daniel Williams

    Written By

    Daniel Williams, MBA, MSEM

    Daniel provides strategic content planning and development to engage healthcare professionals, managers and executives through e-newsletters, webinars, online events, books, podcasts and conferences. His major emphasis is in developing and curating relevant content in healthcare leadership and innovation that informs, educates and inspires the MGMA audience. You can reach Daniel at or 877.275.6462 x1298.

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