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    In a recent episode of the MGMA Member Spotlight podcast, healthcare leaders Jason Raidbard and Ken Chin shared their personal journeys and valuable insights on the importance of prioritizing employee experience to foster a positive and thriving workplace culture. With diverse backgrounds and career trajectories, Raidbard and Chin have successfully risen to senior roles, overseeing large departments within the healthcare industry. Their involvement with MGMA has played a significant role in their professional development, highlighting the value of networking and collaboration within the field.

    Fostering Employee Well-being
    Raidbard, MPA, FACMPE, Executive Administrator for Ophthalmology at the University of Chicago, highlighted various initiatives aimed at promoting employee well-being within his department. These initiatives include accessible mental health resources and designated physician wellness hours. Under the leadership of Dr. Seenu M. Hariprasad, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, the department has successfully normalized conversations around well-being.

    Leveraging Technology for Streamlined Workflows
    As an administrator turned consultant, Chin, CMPE, emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. Tools such as telehealth enable more efficient processes, while also providing valuable data insights for optimization. By embracing technology, healthcare organizations can enhance productivity and improve patient care across different locations.

    Building Human Connections
    Raidbard and Chin both stressed the significance of building human connections within the workplace. They highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy in fostering a positive and engaging culture. Genuine communication and flexibility were identified as key elements in establishing strong relationships with employees. Offering flexible scheduling options and recognizing individual needs contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

    Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
    Recognizing the importance of culturally sensitive care, Raidbard and Chin emphasized the value of diversity among staff. By fostering a diverse workforce that reflects the communities they serve, healthcare organizations can provide more inclusive and patient-centered care. They also underscored the importance of treating all employees, including leadership, with respect and fairness.

    Recognizing and Supporting Employee Performance
    Chin recommended regular recognition of good work as a means to boost morale and drive performance. Acknowledging employees' contributions and achievements fosters a sense of appreciation and motivation. Moreover, implementing well-being initiatives such as dedicated self-care time can help prevent burnout and promote overall employee satisfaction.

    Raidbard and Chin's insights offer a roadmap for healthcare organizations seeking to cultivate an engaged workforce and humanize healthcare. By prioritizing employee experience and focusing on culture, empathy, and technology, organizations can create a positive workplace environment where employees are motivated to excel. These strategies not only benefit the well-being of employees but also contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

    Key Takeaways
    - Treat all staff, including leadership, with respect through genuine communication
    - Normalize conversations around mental health and make wellness resources accessible
    - Offer flexibility in schedules and work modes to support work-life balance
    - Leverage technology for streamlined workflows, collaboration and data-driven insights
    - Foster diversity among staff to better reflect the community served
    - Start with building human connections through empathy and emotional intelligence
    - Regularly recognize and acknowledge good work to boost morale and performance

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