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    MGMA · How Integrated Care Teams Helped One Medical Group Turn Around Staff, Patient Satisfaction Scores

    At a time when physicians are taking more work home than ever, one large medical group has found a way to give their providers more time to spend with family or on more personally fulfilling activities. 

    A Bon Secours Medical
    Group staff member works 
    during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Terra Spann, RN, BSN, administrative director, medical subspecialties and clinical transformation, Bon Secours Medical Group (BSMG), recently joined the MGMA Insights podcast, sharing how the implementation of an integrated care team model has vastly improved staff satisfaction and patient throughput across her system’s clinics. 

    By utilizing Lean core principles and embracing processes that bring care to the patient – instead of the standard shuffle from station to station – BSMG has experienced a sharp decrease in patient time spent in the office and a corresponding spike in patient satisfaction. Furthermore, the transformation has allowed providers to cut their documentation time in half and practically eliminate any after-hours workloads. 

    “We’re not just making a difference in their lives at work,” Spann said. “We’re making a difference in their lives at home. We actually hear stories from the providers that their families notice the difference. Their children are asking them, ‘Why aren’t you bringing your computer home anymore?’ or, ‘Why can you spend pajama time with us now when you could not before?’”

    You can hear more from Spann on BSMG’s transformation at October’s Medical Practice Excellence Conference, where she’ll present a session titled, “Integrated Care Teams: A Lean Model to Reduce Burden and Optimize Throughput.” For more information or to register, visit

    You can also click here to read Spann’s MGMA insight article on the same topic.

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