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    MGMA · MGMA Insights: Taking a Deep Dive Into the Revenue Cycle With Kem Tolliver and Taya Gordon

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    In this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Kem Tolliver and Taya Gordon.

    Gordon and Tolliver, experts in revenue cycle management, announce a new MGMA partnership on their podcast, RevDive.The show touches on all things rev cycle and features interviews with well-known names in healthcare, like Rae Jimenez of the AAPC, who is featured in a snippet of RevDive on today’s episode.

    Editor’s note: The following Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.

    Q: What can listeners expect to learn from your session in March at MGMA's spring conference?

    Tolliver: We're inviting participants of the Financial and Operations Conference to come to our session and talk about ways that we can identify gaps in our skills, our own leadership skills, and to identify solutions on how to fill them. I think that's what we're really looking forward to is having that introspective time to really just sit down and plot out how to address those gaps with actionable solutions.

    Gordon: (on their precon session) Kem and I will do a pre-con, and that pre-con is three hours with us. And it's usually a much, much smaller group of people, a much more focused sort of interaction and engagement with us, and it's so much fun. 
    Q: What does leadership look like in the revenue cycle world?
    Tolliver: What we're seeing around the country are leaders who are looking for ways to set boundaries and protect their staff from errors. … I'll give you an example. Taya and I are kind of tag teaming on a project right now. And all staff have access to perform a specific RCM activity, which downstream can create a ton of errors on the denial side. I think leadership looks at it and says, ‘oh, well all staff need access to perform this function,’ without realizing having that boundary can actually protect their staff from making errors that they don't realize they're making. So I think making sure that, as leaders, were thinking about the boundaries regardless of whether you're a revenue cycle leader (or) clinical leader.

    Q: We’re very excited to partner with both of you on your already existing podcast, RevDive. This is going to air every other Tuesday. What can you tell listeners about the show?

    Tolliver: Our goal is to connect with individuals who are on any level responsible for aspects of the revenue cycle. And the revenue cycle overlaps in so many different areas. So what we try to do is share our wins and our misses in revenue cycle management. But what we also do is, we want to have thought leadership from informed guests - people like Scott Becker and Rae Jimenez of AAPC. Really giving varying perspectives in the revenue cycle and in revenue integrity throughout different areas of revenue cycle management.
    Gordon: I really love RevDive because we get to so truly be ourselves on the show. But even more so because sometimes we get questions from RevDivers, and they say, ‘Do you know how to tackle this very specific problem I'm having?’ And because we've been in the industry for a while, and we have such great opportunities to speak with people all over the industry, we're able to get answers from really validated, experienced folks. And that, for me, is really exciting to be able to give back to the industry and answer those direct questions from leaders that we trust, that can really help with those day-to-day efforts and do it in sort of a really fun, casual way.

    Kem Tolliver and Taya Gordon will present twice at the Medical Practice Excellence: Financial and Operations Conference in Orlando, FL. Their preconference session -- Develop Your Strategic RCM Workplan -- is Sunday, March 19, 12pm-3pm ET. Then, on Monday, March 20, they deliver a presentation on Performing Skill Gap Assessment for Leaders and Employees. That session is 9:15am-10:15am ET.


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    MGMA Events: This episode is brought to you by the Medical Practice Excellence: Financial and Operations Conference 2023. During our premiere spring event, attendees will gain key insights from both disciplines and learn about topics that shape the future success of medical practice organizations.

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