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    In the inaugural episode of BYOB: The Healthcare Podcast, the team speaks to the genesis of the idea for the podcast, what they hope to accomplish through the newly developed podcast and they share a bit about their backgrounds. The first episode of BYOB: The Healthcare Podcast brings on Nick Anstine to discuss administrative fellowships and what current students who are preparing to go through the process can do to best prepare themselves for the next couple of months. Additionally, Nakin leads Freddy and Joe through his segment ‘Talking with Nakin.’ In this episode’s segment, Nakin discusses the current mandates that have been implemented by many business, federal and state entities to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their employees and staff. Nakin captures the reaction from his pod mates before discussing the larger impacts that this has on our current country and large society as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Nick Anstine – Cleveland Clinic

    Nakin, Freddy and Joe invite their inaugural guest Nick Anstine who is the Associate Program Director for the Administrative Fellowship Program at Cleveland Clinic. Nick also serves as Administrative Director, Regional Hospitals at the clinic. Nick shares his insights into how he approached the administrative fellowship process when he was a candidate, how he believes that fellowships have an impact on those starting a career in hospital administration he shares advice for those pursuing administrative fellowships in this currently cycle. The crew asked Nick the following questions:

    • What makes a good candidate for an administrative fellowship?
    • How has the landscape changed for administrative fellowships?
    • What impacts has COVID-19 had on administrative fellowships?
    • What should students look do to best prepare themselves to enter this fellowship season?
    • What is your drink of choice? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic) – BYOB recurring question for guests

    Additionally, Nick shares some great nuggets about what makes the fellowship process so special and what it takes to be a great candidate for the Cleveland Clinic. Below is a small bio on Nick Anstine before he landed at the Cleveland Clinic.

    Nick received his Master of Health Administration from Ohio State University in 2019. Prior to receiving his master’s degree, Nick served as Executive Director for a 50-bed behavioral health hospital in Columbus, OH. Nick remains involved in the behavioral health community, currently serving as Co-Founder and Board Chair Emeritus for Heartland High School -- the state of Ohio's only substance use disorder recovery school.

    Talking with Nakin – Vaccine Mandates

    Nakin speaks with the group about the growing number of healthcare institutions that are mandating COVID-19 vaccines for their employees and the accompanying penalties for those who do not comply. The group explores some of the consequences with these mandates and how employees from all sectors should think about these mandates as they will likely increase as this year goes on.

    Nakin, Joe and Freddy explore why vaccinations, especially within healthcare institutions have become such a hot button issue while providing guidance for those who may currently be facing these decisions for themselves.

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