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    In this episode of the MGMA Insights podcast, we’re joined by Dov Shapiro, MD, managing physician of Associated Pediatric Partners. Dr. Shapiro is here today to talk about how in-office PCR testing has improved his practice efficiency, clinical care, patient satisfaction and profitability.

    “Many physicians, and treatment centers have (COVID-19) blinders on, meaning they are ... not thinking about anything else,” Dr. Shapiro says on the MGMA podcast. “It’s important to realize, just because it’s a (COVID-19) pandemic, other infections are not going away. Strep is not going away, I’m still seeing 10-15 cases a week and as many as fifteen cases a day during the peak strep season.”

    Additional Resource
    Thank you to Cepheid for helping design the content of this episode. Cepheid's GeneXpert® System is a flexible platform, providing healthcare professionals with a best-in-class test menu for any setting — from the core lab to near-patient applications. Find out why Cepheid's solutions are a top choice for fast, accurate, and easy diagnostic testing. Visit to learn more.

    This episode is sponsored by:

    • Onsite Women's Health — Onsite Women’s Health provides healthcare practices and providers with the ability to bring screening mammography in-house. Partnering with Onsite allows more women to keep up with their annual screening and gives anyone impacted by breast cancer a fighting chance.

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    The MGMA Insights podcast is produced by Daniel Williams, Rob Ketcham and Decklan McGee. 

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