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    MGMA · Ask An Advisor: Bringing Expert Commentary to the MGMA Members

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    This episode of the MGMA Insights podcast reveals the expert behind Ask an Advisor, Cristy Good.
    Good provides the answers that members are seeking with help from her extensive healthcare experience which includes laboratory science, practice management and EPIC implementation. She shares insights on this member tool and explains an upcoming change: Ask an Advisor will soon become part of Ask MGMA, an all-encompassing, user-friendly question hub that will direct any MGMA inquiries to the right channels.
    Editor’s note: The following Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.
    Q: Can you tell us about your background in healthcare?
    A: I actually started out working in the laboratory. I have 10 years in laboratory sciences and the compliance aspect that goes into a highly regulated environment, and then went into practice management where I was on a research academic component as well as a clinical side for a large hospital organization. I then went on to do practice management in a practice physician office. I’ve brought on many physician practices into a hospital organization as well as having done the whole gamut from moving two hospitals during my career. (I have experience in) building out new hospital medical buildings and bringing those physicians into those medical practices. And then I went into some private work with CMS and home health, and then did EPIC implementation for another large organization before coming to MGMA.
    Q: What is Ask an Advisor and how does it currently work?
    A: What happens is a member would go onto our website and post a question under Ask an Advisor, and then we answer (questions in) all different areas. I don't think I've ever had a question that we didn't answer in all my years here — we will find the answer somehow. And if it's something that might not be in my wheelhouse, perhaps it's a government affairs question with MIPS, MACRA, or CMS. Then I will make sure that our Government Affairs staff get the question from the member so they can respond (in a) timely (fashion). Sometimes we get questions just asking for data points. And I make sure they're routed to our data team, that’s another great team that can help them find the data they're looking for in DataDive. And then whatever we need help with; whatever subject matter experts we might need to bring in, we’ll bring in and contact to get that question answered and get those resources to members.
    Q: Over the years of being in this expert advisor role and answering member questions, have you had a favorite question? Or one that you see often?
    A: I don't know, if it's a favorite, it's a topic that gets asked quite a bit. And it's just, "How do I optimize my revenue cycle?" — which is from getting patients in and collecting money to getting reimbursed on the back end and everything that's in between. So many people just don't know where to start. And I've been there, I've drunk from that firehose trying to learn, and MGMA has so many great resources. And I love to just help our members, especially in that realm to say, "Well, let's take a step back. And let's look at what you're tracking data wise, what KPIs you might be following or not following. And then then let's assess where we're at, to where we need to be, and then how we're going to get there."
    Q: What should our listeners know about Ask an Advisor?
    A: There's no stupid question. There's no wrong question. There's no silly question. That's what they always say, "If you don't ask, you can't find out." So ask away and we look forward to helping and finding (an answer), if we don't have it in MGMA's resources, I will always find it from some source and get you an answer, or have a conversation on phone to clarify anything.


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