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    State MGMA

    • State MGMA organizations have the opportunity to use MGMA content for their newsletters, whether in print or electronic, and their websites.


    • Increase awareness of MGMA resources amount state members.


    State MGMA

    • Request permission to use MGMA content prior to publication.
    • Include proper attribution to MGMA (correct language that needs to be included in your publication is provided below).


    • Provide content in a timely manner and monitor correct usage.


    • Content is available from MGMA Connection magazine, MGMA Insights newsletter and various articles published on
    • Articles from the MGMA Washington Connection email newsletter are also available, but involves a separate policy and process – see the “Use and Distribution of the MGMA Washington Connection” page.
    • States may request up to two articles per quarter.
    • By requesting MGMA content you agree and understand that you will not edit or delete any editorial content in the requested content either from the Word or PDF document.
    • Content must be credited to MGMA with this language, which will be included on the document we send you with the requested content:
      • Reprinted with permission from Medical Group Management Association, 104 Inverness Terrace East, Englewood, CO 80112, 303-799-1111, Copyright [insert here the appropriate copyright year of the article]


    State organizations may obtain copyright permission through the following process

    • Please allow up to two weeks for processing and fulfillment.
    • Complete the state affiliate reprint order form and submit to Martha Huckaby at

    State affiliate must provide a link to the publication or send a hard copy to Martha Huckaby at the time that the publication is distributed.

    Martha Huckaby
    104 Inverness Terrace East
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Please click the download below to fill out the e-print order form, and return to Martha Huckaby at

    Download e-print form

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