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    Safety First! - Keeping Your Workplace Safe

    Online Course

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    Online Course

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    Healthcare employees are well aware of the importance of making safety a top priority. Whether helping transport or room a patient, there are myriad potential hazards that could impact personal and patient safety. This course will teach attendees about the laws and regulations intended to protect their safety, personal safety guidelines to reduce the risk of becoming injured or ill on the job, and how to be prepared and act during an emergency.   This course will provide you with the knowledge to:   Recognize importance of workplace safety  Locate potential safety hazards for employees and patients Interpret safety guidelines and emergency preparedness strategies 

    Continuing Education

    Delivery method: Self Study 

    Learning level: Basic – Education designed to provide a general understanding of a topic or knowledge area. 

    Learning format: Traditional   

    Prerequisites: None 

    Advance preparation: None 

    Duration: 70 minutes 

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