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    Keeping Up with Revenue Cycle Compliance

    Online Course

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    Online Course

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    The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and revenue cycle compliance is no exception. Government regulations, policies and procedures are subject to revision, and that includes what can be submitted to Medicare and Medicaid, how it can be submitted, and updates to coverage. Through this course, participants will learn which government organizations’ policies most directly impact the revenue cycle, how those organizations publicize reforms and changes, and how to stay informed and plan for future changes. Additionally, the course will include a brief overview of the most recent and proposed reforms.  This course will provide you with the knowledge to:   Give examples of government organizations that most directly impact revenue cycle compliance   Recognize Medicare and Medicaid submission guidelines  Review best practices for keeping up with changes to revenue cycle compliance  

    Continuing Education

    Delivery method: Self Study 

    Learning level: Basic – Education designed to provide a general understanding of a topic or knowledge area. 

    Learning format: Traditional   

    Prerequisites: None 

    Advance preparation: None 

    Duration: 40 minutes 

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