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    HIPAA Essentials for Medical Practices

    Online Course



    Online Course

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    First enacted in 1996, HIPAA has had a significant impact on medical practices. Two of its primary goals – to protect personal health information (PHI) and to simplify insurance administration – greatly affect daily operations, from managing patient records to billing. With fines for HIPAA violations ranging from $100 to more than $50,000, it’s critical for practices – and their patients’ privacy – to understand and comply with current HIPAA regulations.   This course will provide you with the knowledge to:   Identify HIPAA regulations pertaining to a medical practice  Review HIPAA compliance standards  Recognize ramifications of HIPAA violations  

    Continuing Education

    Delivery method: Self Study 

    Learning level: Basic – Education designed to provide a general understanding of a topic or knowledge area. 

    Learning format: Traditional   

    Prerequisites: None 

    Advance preparation: None 

    Duration: 50 minutes 

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