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    Mona-Miliner-Music.jpegVolunteer Role: ACMPE Certification Commission

    Why did you decide to get involved with MGMA?  

    I am committed to being a professional that understands all aspects of healthcare. MGMA is the premier organization that has the expertise for executives seeking to successfully manage medical practices. The educational materials and conferences, not to mention the incredible networking opportunities and credentialing pathways made available by joining MGMA, are a โ€œmust do.โ€

    What do you find most rewarding about volunteering for MGMA?

    What is most rewarding about volunteering for MGMA is making contributions toward the profession of medical practice, which gives other medical practice executives the tools and networking outlets to be successful in their roles. Additionally, it brings me fulfilment to administratively support physicians and clinicians as they care for patients, ensuring patients are receiving a positive experience that goes beyond direct patient care, including scheduling appointments, registration, follow-up calls, and billing.

    How did you decide that practice management was the career for you?

    I always knew that I wanted to be in the healthcare industry serving in an administrative role as a high school student. Practice management is such a critical component of being a well-rounded and successful health care executive, that going into practice management was a pathway I felt was important for me to take, and was vital to understand as part of my career path.

    What is the best tip you give to people who are just starting a career in practice management?

    The best tip I would offer to early careerists in practice management is to network and always be a continuous learner. The industry is changing rapidly, whether changes are related to reimbursement, regulatory, increased market competition, etc. Utilizing best practices will help you and your medical practice thrive. 

    What is your favorite book or website or resource for practice managers?

    The Art of Caring Leadership
    This book goes beyond the obvious of possessing leadership skills, as it shows leaders how to truly care for others they are leading and the impact the art of caring leadership has on engagement, productivity and employee loyalty. 

    How do you relax after a busy work week? 

    I either read a non-health related book, play the piano and sing, or engage in acrylic painting or some other sort of artistic and creative hobby.

    What is your top tip for maintaining work/life balance?

    My top tip for maintaining work/life balance is to be disciplined and schedule it.  Just like you go to work Monday through Friday, put protected time on your schedule to do something you enjoy; something that brings you peace so that you can recharge and unplug from work.

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