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    MGMA Stat - Burnout - March 21, 2017

    The Medical Group Management Association’s MGMA Stat poll asked healthcare professionals to describe if their organizations have a staff engagement program to reduce burnout. While a minority describing having a program in place, many others stated that they are in the progress of creating a program. Overall, 14.0 percent of the respondents indicated they had a program for doctors and staff and another 7.1 percent stated they had a program for doctors only. Additionally, 15.5% stated they were in the process of creating an engagement program to reduce burnout. Even so, 63.4% of respondents described their organization did not yet have a program designed to reduce burnout.

    The poll was conducted on March 21, 2017 with 1110 total responses. Of the total responses, 58 indicated the question was not applicable to their situation with a net of 1052 answering the question.

    MGMA Stat is a national poll that addresses practice management topics, the impact of new legislation, and related topics. Participation is open to all healthcare professionals. Results of other polls and information on how to participate in MGMA Stat is available at:

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