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    Medical Group Management Association’s MGMA Stat poll asked healthcare professionals if they were clear on their organization's mission, vision and values. Overwhelmingly, these leaders indicated not only did they understand their mission, vision and values, but that their entire organization lived them.

    Almost 80 percent of the respondents stated they were clear about their organization’s mission, vision and values. More importantly, 71 percent of these respondents described that their entire organization lived to the standard and an additional 15 percent indicated their organizations tried to do so.  Many respondents commented how their organizations try very hard to exemplify their mission, vision and values and how these ideals are not only part of their strategic plan but are the basis for how they operate and govern.

    The poll was conducted on May 23, 2017 with 1203 total responses. Of this total, 17 indicated the question was not applicable to their situation with a net of 1186 applicable responses.

    MGMA Stat is a national poll that addresses practice management topics, the impact of new legislation, and related topics. Participation is open to all healthcare professionals. Results of other polls and information on how to participate in MGMA Stat is available at:

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