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    Christian Green
    Christian Green, MA

    While medical practices are battled-tested and demonstrated their mettle during the most difficult times, the COVID-19 pandemic also brought to light their deficiencies as we head into 2021.

    Though disruptive remnants of 2020 — including virtual care competency, searches for personal protective equipment (PPE) and patient access issues — carried over into 2021, practices were better equipped to handle these strains.

    Throughout 2021, MGMA Stat — a weekly national poll of healthcare leaders on medical practice management topics — continued to take the pulse of the healthcare industry on crucial issues.

    In this special year-in-review report, MGMA reflects on how practices handled vaccination policies, staffing struggles, practice culture and financial recovery.

    Download the report (PDF)


    Our ability at MGMA to provide great resources, education and advocacy depends on a strong feedback loop with healthcare leaders. To be part of this effort, sign up for MGMA Stat and make your voice heard in our weekly polls. Sign up by texting “STAT” to 33550 or visit Polls will be sent to your phone via text message.


    Christian Green

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