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    When our first MGMA Stat poll result ushered in this unprecedented year, we noted that there was "no looking glass or sage to tell us what's to come". Our assertions for what 2020 had in store for our industry were based in a reality that has since been shattered. A reality which once gave us the notion that we were in control has now left us confused and tired...but not broken.

    Even with the benefit of hindsight, it's difficult to grasp the scale of how much the COVID-19 pandemic eclipses those concerns envisioned by healthcare experts at the start of the year. But one thing remains as true as it was when we began the incomprehensible journey of 2020: The one constant in healthcare is change.

    MGMA Stat, our weekly national poll to healthcare leaders which dissects issues in medical practice management, has helped chronicle the turbulence, innovation and resilience that will make 2020 so memorable, no matter how much we might want to forget the worst of it.

    As we look to our future, let's look at the lessons of our past.

    Download the report (PDF)

    Would you like to join our polling panel to voice your opinion on important practice management topics? MGMA Stat is a national poll that addresses practice management issues, the impact of new legislation and related topics. Participation is open to all healthcare leaders. Results of other polls and information on how to participate in MGMA Stat are available at

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