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    Some people are great with numbers, others are naturals when it comes to seeing processes and workflows. But what seems to unite many medical group managers in 2023 is a focus on strengthening their leadership skills.

    A May 30, 2023, MGMA Stat poll asked healthcare leaders the top areas on which they want to focus for their managers’ professional development this year, and more than 4 in 10 (42%) cited leadership as the top answer, followed by:

    • Operations (24%)
    • Finance (20%)
    • Data (9%)
    • Other (5%).

    The poll had 444 applicable responses. The results give broader perspective to where practice managers will focus on growing professionally than a similar MGMA Stat poll from May 2022, which did not ask about leadership specifically and found the biggest areas of focus on operations/IT, revenue cycle and human resources.

    Leadership resources

    MGMA regularly publishes new resources and education to help medical practice managers grow in their jobs and careers. Here are a few recent articles and podcasts your managers can access for free:

    The need for manager professional development

    No matter which area is the top priority, medical group leaders all devote significant amounts of time to develop professionally: A Feb. 7, 2023, MGMA Stat poll found that almost 6 in 10 (58%) of respondents spend one to four hours each month on their professional development, while almost one-quarter (24%) reported devoting five to nine hours monthly. Another 17% told MGMA that they found 10 hours or more each month for professional growth.

    • Learn more: The ACMPE Certificate Program, Principles of Practice Management, provides an in-depth, on-demand platform to build the foundational knowledge of the key principles of running a medical practice.

    Connecting and growing at the 2023 MGMA Summit

    The 2023 MGMA Summit, slated for June 6 to 8, is an online event with complimentary access for MGMA Organizational Members who are looking to gain knowledge with time-saving tools to grow in their careers.

    Throughout the past few months, the MGMA Insights podcast has been highlighting MGMA Summit speakers and the thought-provoking concepts and case studies they will share. Catch up with them via our MGMA Summit 2023 podcast playlist below, featuring:

    • Jeffery Daigrepont, Senior Vice President, Health Information Technology, Coker Group, on how cyberattackers target remote workers
    • Sandy Giangreco Brown, Director of Coding & Revenue Integrity, CLA, and Diane Weiss, Vice President, Revenue Integrity and Education at RestorixHealth, on navigating the auditing process
    • Steve Moberg, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer, Team Care Medicine, on leveraging clinical support staff
    • Michael Tutty, PhD, MHA, FACMPE, group vice president, American Medical Association, on the major post-COVID-19 trends in medical practices
    • and many others.

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    Our ability at MGMA to provide great resources, education and advocacy depends on a strong feedback loop with healthcare leaders. Sign up by texting “STAT” to 33550 or visit and make your voice heard in our weekly polls sent via text message.      

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