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    All your MGMA Stat questions answered!

    What is MGMA Stat?

    MGMA Stat delivers polls on top healthcare issues each week via text message, making it easy to join in the conversation with thousands of your peers nationwide. As a participant, you receive the poll results just two days later, along with related content to help you put the data into action.

    Do I have to be an MGMA member to participate?

    No, you do not have to be an MGMA member to participate in MGMA Stat polls. MGMA Stat is open to all healthcare and industry professionals: administrators, providers, consultants. The only requirement for participation is that you opt in with a cell phone that can receive both SMS and MMS messages.

    How do I participate?

    Simply text the keyword "STAT" to the number 33550. You will then receive a "Thank you" message confirming you have joined MGMA Stat.  You'll receive your first MGMA Stat poll on the following Tuesday.

    Is it free?

    Because MGMA Stat polls are conducted via text message, the cost of participating will depend on your phone's text message and data plan. For the majority of participants, there is no cost to participate in MGMA Stat polls. If you are unsure whether your plan covers text messages and data, please contact your cell phone service provider for details.

    How many polls will I receive?

    You'll typically receive just one poll each Tuesday and the results each Thursday. However, we may release up to two polls in a week depending on current events in the healthcare industry. 

    Can I opt out?

    Yes, you may opt out of MGMA Stat at any time by texting the keyword "STOP" to 33550. Once you opt out, you will stop receiving weekly polls from MGMA Stat. To opt back in, simply text the keyword "STAT" to 33550. 

    How many people participate in the polls? Where do I find the number of responses?

    The number of participants (responses) is always listed in the footer of poll graphics (example below). When you receive the poll results via text message, tap the image to enlarge it so the number of responses is visible at the bottom of the image.

    What are data stories?

    Data stories contain the results of each week's polls, as well as context and expert tips and additional resources on the topic. You can access the data stories by clicking on the link that accompanies the poll results. 

    Can the data be broken down into region, specialty or job function?

    We understand how data broken out by region, specialty or job function could increase the value of MGMA Stat polls. While this feature is not yet available, we're working on it and hope to provide you with this data in the near future. 

    Where do I find previous polls?

    Visit for previous poll results and related articles and resources.

    Am I able to suggest ideas for future polls?

    Yes, you may suggest questions and topics for future MGMA Stat polls by emailing your question to The MGMA Stat team regularly reviews poll suggestions and you will be notified if your suggestion is selected.

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