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Connect with peers and experts who share their successes and failures to help you achieve your practice management goals with MGMA membership.

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Improve and grow your medical practice with MGMA Consulting. MGMA’s consultants have decades of collective experience and will provide your practice with actionable solutions.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect with custom healthcare consulting.

  • Specialized Healthcare Management Consultants

    Many consultants operate under the assumption that a business is just a business. MGMA’s consultants however, understand that your practice is a complex entity that must adhere to the latest changes in regulations, research, and technology.

  • Personalized Consulting

    MGMA consultants specialize in providing customized solutions that help your organization improve quality of care and increase profitability.

  • The MGMA Difference

    Consultants within MGMA Consulting have access to MGMA DataDive, a rich and robust set of medical practice survey data. This resource provides updated industry statistics and benchmarking information you need to give your practice a competitive business advantage, both regionally and nationwide.