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    The first months of the COVID-19 crisis have posed countless challenges for medical practices leaders on the road to reopening.

    Now moving into a phase of recovery, practice leaders are focused on restoring patient engagement, visit volumes, revenues and a sense of normalcy — all of which suffered during weeks (and sometimes months) of shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.

    To assist in the coming months of recovery, MGMA subject matter experts have assembled a toolkit of crucial considerations and best-practice steps to take to address numerous areas of practice operations, including financial solvency, revenue cycle optimization, marketing, safety and more.

    The toolkit includes:

    Additional resources

    • For regular updates on important issues related to medical group practices’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, regularly check the collection of COVID-19-related MGMA Stat polls, which provide real-time data on the true impact the crisis has had on the healthcare industry.
    • MGMA’s full range of tools, content and stories from the COVID-19 crisis can be found in the MGMA COVID-19 Recovery Center, which is also regularly updated with the latest information developing from Washington, D.C., on legislative and regulatory changes regarding the pandemic.
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