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    NOTE: There are no standard definitions for position titles in the industry. Our position descriptions are intended to be all encompassing. The more specific the position description, the less applicable it becomes to all participating practices and influences the amount of data reported. Please read the description and select the position title that most closely reflects the responsibilities of the employee

    Accounting Staff

    • Maintains general ledger and records of financial activities within the organization;
    • Analyzes financial data to prepare financial reports; and
    • Generates financial records and statements for management.

    Administrative Assistant

    • Carries out work projects assigned by the CEO/administrator relative to the total clinic operation or to specific patient services;
    • Investigates procedures and operations and gathers data for preparation of statistical and operational reports and makes recommendations for revision; and
    • Performs administrative duties as directed.

    Administrative Secretary

    • Assists members of the administrative staff by performing secretarial, clerical, and minor executive duties; and
    • Answers telephone, interviews and screens office callers, makes appointments, and composes correspondence and memoranda.


    • Performs facials, waxing, facial peels, acne treatments, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, makeup application and skin care consultations.

    Appointment Secretary

    • Assesses patient's appointment needs;
    • Schedules, changes, cancels, or confirms appointments as appropriate;
    • Schedules tests, procedures, or surgeries as requested; and
    • Sends appropriate forms, questionnaires, and instructions to patients as needed.

    Athletic Trainer

    • Provides athletic training in office or therapy environment under the direction of providers; and
    • May be certified through ATC credentialing or a similar organization

    Billing Staff

    • Responsible for duties relating to billing, collecting, payment posting, refunding and adjusting.


    • Maintains accounts receivable and payable;
    • Maintains a general ledger;
    • Sends out and prepare bills for distribution; and
    • Prepares financial statements, income statements, and cost reports.

    Building Engineer/Maintenance

    • Repairs routine to difficult electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilating equipment problems;
    • Develops and carries out the preventive maintenance program for the mechanical, electrical, steam, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems; and
    • Monitors energy consumption to control cost and use.

    Business Office Assistant Manager

    • Responsible for the direction of one or more major functions of the business office; and
    • Is involved with difficult or unusual billing or insurance problems.

    Business Office Staff

    • Performs routine clerical work involving an elementary degree of skill and responsibility;
    • Typical duties include filing, sorting, recording, answering telephone, and typing; and
    • Responds to inquiries and requests from referring facilities.

    Call Center Representative

    • Answers incoming calls regarding appointments, authorizations, and billing, among other customer service needs; and
    • May schedule appointments and triage calls as necessary.

    Cardiovascular Technologist

    • Supports providers in treating cardiac and peripheral vascular ailments;
    • Conducts invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tests of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems;
    • Sets up lab for procedures and maintain cardiac catheterization supplies; and
    • May be certified through an accredited cardiovascular technology program.

    Care Coordinator

    • Cares for patients by formulating, developing and implementing individual treatment plans;
    • Communicates test results and care plans to patients/families;
    • Manages/coordinates referrals and interactions with specialists; and
    • Maintains records of utilization activity and coordinates utilization review of managed care contracts.

    Care/Case Manager

    • Addresses needs of the patient beyond healthcare including housing, food assistance, domestic violence, etc.; and
    • Assesses, plans, facilitates and advocates for options and services to meet the individual's health needs through communication and resources.


    • Collects payment and posts payment for services rendered;
    • Works with billing of patients; and
    • Verifies account balances.

    CAT Scan Technician

    • Operates the computed axial tomography machine;
    • Applies prescribed radiation for the purpose of obtaining diagnostic information; and
    • Typically, a graduate of an accredited program for radiographers with experience in special procedure or may be certified.

    Certified Nursing Assistant

    • Provides patient care by assisting patients with basic needs such as bathing, dressing, mobility, positioning, eating, grooming etc.;
    • Observes patient conditions, measures and records food and liquid intake, and vital signs; and
    • Assists with direct patient care under the supervision of the RN or medical professional.

    Clinical Research Coordinator

    • Provides direction and support for all clinical research activities including paperwork, registration, monitoring and reporting.


    • Analyzes and codes surgeries, procedures and diagnoses from health records by using appropriate classification systems, standards and procedures;
    • Links diagnoses with procedures and adds appropriate modifiers;
    • Validates charge classification systems, standards and procedures;
    • Confers with providers to assure complete, current medical records;
    • Audits incomplete records; and
    • May be certified by AAPC, or a similar organization

    Collections Staff

    • Coordinates resolution of past due accounts by arranging for payment;
    • Researches, compiles, maintains and manages data related to collection efforts; and
    • Contacts customers to resolve billing issues.


    • Moves and distributes information, documents, and small packages; and
    • Picks up and delivers letters, important business documents, or packages that need to be sent or received quickly within a local area.

    Data Analyst

    • Supports organization in collecting, aggregating and analyzing data and producing actionable reports;
    • Develops and manages data-driven improvement projects;
    • Interprets data and develops algorithms to calculate operational KPIs; and
    • Automates internal and external reports and presents data findings to various levels of staff.

    Dental Assistant

    • Prepares and maintains treatment room, as well as dental tools and machinery;
    • Performs clerical duties such as obtaining patient records, handling insurance and patient billing, and inventory; and
    • May take impressions and/or x-rays, at the provider’s discretion.

    Dental Hygienist

    • Performs direct patient care duties such as reviewing a patient’s oral history, polishing teeth, removing tartar, plaque and stains, and counseling patients on oral hygiene techniques; and
    • May be certified through an accredited training program.

    DME Technician

    • Manages the practice’s durable medical equipment (DME) by organizing and tracking inventory, purchasing equipment and ensuring timely and accurate delivery;
    • Prepares vehicle for deliveries by gathering stock and loading equipment;
    • Schedules pick up and delivery orders with facilities, patients and/or caregivers as needed;
    • Understands basic equipment operation and provides instructions to patients and/or caregivers to assure proper use and care; and
    • Cleans, disinfects, inspects, and tests medical equipment.


    • Has overall knowledge of radiation oncology treatment machines and equipment;
    • Is familiar with the procedures commonly used in brachytherapy; and
    • Can generate radiation dose distributions/calculations in collaboration with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist.

    Echocardiographer/Echo Tech

    • Performs high-quality ultrasound imaging of the heart; and
    • May be credentialed through an organization such as the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) or the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).

    EEG Technician

    • Operates electroencephalograph (EEG) machine for use in diagnosing brain disorders; and
    • May be a graduate of a two-year technical school with an EEG Tech. program.

    EKG Technician

    • Records electromotive variations in action of the heart muscle on an electrocardiograph (EKG);
    • Attaches electrodes to specified areas of patient's body and removes electrodes after completing test;
    • Reviews recording from each electrode for clarity and for deviations from the norm; and
    • Requires high school degree and may require completion in an approved training course in EKG techniques or certification

    Endoscopy Technician

    • Prepare and maintain procedure room and inventory;
    • Assist providers or registered nurses in conducting endoscopic procedures; and
    • Collects patient biopsies and specimens for examination.

    Executive Assistant

    • Provides high-level administrative support to executive level;
    • Maintains scheduling meetings and prioritizing calendar requests;
    • Makes travel arrangements, prepares itineraries and expense reports;
    • Manages incoming and outgoing phone calls; and
    • Monitors office supply inventory.

    Financial Analyst

    • Compiles and analyzes data to monitor trends and variances;
    • Creates financial models and forecasts to assist with decision support; and
    • May perform other tasks related to financial data, not restricted to elements of the revenue cycle.

    Front Desk Staff

    • Assists patients and visitors by providing directions and information;

    • Usually stationed by main entrance;
    • Registers patients who do not have an appointment, and may schedule return visits;
    • May take payments and also provide check-out services;
    • Checks that all records needed by provider are available and notifies physician of patient's arrival; and
    • Answers telephones.

    Health Coach


    • Assesses patient's health and coaches them on how to improve their health;
    • Devlops health care plans for patients 


    • Member of a laboratory team who employs histologic technology to diagnose diseases or conduct research as requested by pathologists;
    • Ensures accurate completion of all histology laboratory records; and
    • May be certified through the ASCP Board of Certification or a similar organization.


    • Maintains an assigned area of the building in a clean, orderly, and attractive condition; and
    • Dusts and damp mops floors, cleans window sills, blinds, furniture, fixtures, and equipment within hand reach.

    Human Resources Generalist

    • Guides managers in recruiting and employee relations;
    • Administers employee compensation, training and benefit programs;
    • Processes, verifies and maintains documentation relating to HR activities such as staffing, training and performance evaluations; and
    • Usually works under the direction of a human resources director or manager.

    Infusion Nurse 


    • A registered nurse that is responsible for initiating and maintaining intravenous lines and tubing, as well as administering medication and fluid therapy;
    • Educates patients and their families on line maintenance and treatment.

    Insurance Clerk

    • Collects and posts payments for services rendered;
    • Reviews EOBs for appropriate contractual write-offs and other adjustments to charges;
    • Researches and appeals inappropriate denials; and
    • Verifies patient account balances prior to preparing patient statements.

    IT Programming Staff

    • Responsible for system analysis, program design, coding, documentation, and other programming tasks.

    IT Support Technician

    • Responds to hardware and software requests and troubleshoots issues;
    • Installs, updates, and repairs software issues on organization systems; and
    • Maintains current inventory.

    Laboratory Assistant

    • Performs routine tests in various areas of the lab using standard techniques and equipment;
    • Prepares simple stains, solutions, and culture media;
    • May perform simple laboratory tests such as qualitative determinations of sugar and albumin in urine;
    • Keeps records of specimens held in the laboratory;
    • May perform minor repairs to laboratory apparatus or clean laboratory equipment; and
    • May be certified from the Board of Certified Laboratory Assistants.

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    • Performs assigned nursing procedures for the comfort and well-being of patients;
    • Takes and records patient's vital signs and collects specimens for analysis;
    • Dresses wounds and administers prescribed medications and procedures utilizing a variety of medical equipment when necessary; and
    • Must be state licensed.

    Mammography Technician

    • Responsible for screening and diagnostic exams of the breast, aiding in the early detection of breast cancer; and
    • May require ARRT certification.

    Managed Care Coordinator

    • Responsible for maintaining information flow in the managed care referral process for all contracted managed care health plans.

    Massage Therapist

    • Performs therapeutic manipulations of soft tissues and joints to control pain or promote wellness;
    • May evaluate range of motion, muscle strength and propose therapy plans; and
    • Must be licensed.

    Medical Assistant

    • Prepares treatment rooms as well as sterilizes and cleans instruments;
    • Assists physician with materials, instruments, procedures, and equipment during exam;
    • Collects specimens and takes blood pressure, pulse, and temperature;
    • Maintains inventory of supplies;
    • Completes paperwork for lab tests, x-rays, and referrals; and
    • May be a graduate of and certified from a technical school medical assistant program.

    Medical Interpreter

    • Assist non-English speaking patients during patient visits to translate patient’s native language;
    • Uses proper medical terminology when communicating with medical staff; and
    • Can be certified in a medical interpreter certificate program.

    Medical Lab Technician (MLT)

    • Conducts routine tests in clinical labs for use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease;
    • Prepares sterile media for use in growing bacterial cultures;
    • Keeps detailed records of all tests performed and reports lab findings to authorized personnel; and
    • Graduation from a technical school either as a MLT or ASCP certification may be required.

    Medical Records Staff

    • Files charts returned to record room and sends charts out upon request; and
    • Keeps medical records in correct filing order.

    Medical Scribe

    • Works to facilitate patient flow and ensure an accurate and complete medical record for each patient;
    • Accompanies physician into the patient examination room in order to transcribe a history and physician exam; and
    • Accurately documents the physician’s encounter with the patient.

    Medical Secretary

    • Performs secretarial duties utilizing knowledge of medical terminology and hospital, clinic, or laboratory procedures;
    • Takes dictation in shorthand or uses transcribing machine; and
    • Compiles and records medical charts, records, and correspondence.

    Medical Technologist

    • Performs variety of microscopic, chemical, and bacterial tests to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment of disease;
    • Performs routine and special laboratory tests in accordance with written requisition of physician;
    • May perform clinical tests in any one or combination of areas of specialization in smaller labs, and may be more specialized in one area of clinical pathology in larger labs; and
    • May require ASCP certification.

    MRI Technologist

    • Operates magnetic resonance imaging equipment to produce images of the body for diagnostic purposes;
    • Explains procedures to patient, positions patients and observes scans under the direction of a physician;
    • Reviews and evaluates computer generated information to determine quality of images; and
    • May require ARRT certification.

    Nuclear Medicine Technologist

    • Responsible for administering radiopharmaceuticals to patients for diagnostic purposes;
    • May also perform radioimmunoassay studies; and
    • May require ARRT certification.

    Occupational Therapy Assistant

    • Works under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist to assist with a patient's treatment program;
    • Helps patients with rehabilitative activities and exercises outlined in a treatment plan developed in collaboration with an occupational therapist;
    • Monitors and records an individual's activities to make sure exercises are performed correctly and progress is made;
    • May assist in scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, restocking or ordering depleted supplies, filling out insurance forms, or other duties as needed; and
    • May be certified through an accredited occupational therapy assistant program.

    Ophthalmic Assistant

    • Usually employee is trained in history-taking, basic skills in lensometry, and instrument maintenance; and
    • May assist patients in proper insertion, removal, and care of contact lenses.

    Ophthalmic Technician

    • Assists ophthalmologist or optometrist with patient care;
    • Performs different levels of eye tests such as visual fields, tonometry, and ocular motility required by ophthalmologist;
    • May assist ophthalmologist in surgery; and
    • May be certified by JCAHPO (Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology) as a COT (Certified Ophthalmic Technician).


    • Interpretation of prescriptions written by ophthalmologists and optometrists;
    • Operates manual lensometer and other tools to achieve proper fittings for patients;
    • Collection of patient eye measurements;
    • Educates patients on their corrective lens options and care; and
    • Manage inventory of frames and contact lenses to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and product variety.

    Orthopedic/Cast Technician

    • Assists physicians and nursing personnel with orthopedic casting procedures to include the application and removal of a variety of casts and splints; and
    • May be certified by the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists (NBCOT). Paramedic
    • Responds to calls for emergency assistance;
    • Transports patients to other medical facilities; and
    • Requires certification.

    Patient Accounts Representative

    • Interviews and assists patients;
    • Works with patient and patient's insurance carrier to determine benefits available and assist families in getting financial aid; and
    • Responsible for billing, servicing, and collecting delinquent accounts receivable.

    Patient Care Assistant

    • Takes vital signs, assists with daily living activities, overserves patients, documents changes in health or behavior, escorts patients and obtains lab specimens; and
    • Generally works under supervision of a registered nurse.

    Patient Education Coordinator

    • Responsible for determining the patient education needs of the clinic;
    • Develops, implements and evaluates programs to address education needs; and
    • Coordinates and supervises community healthcare needs of patients in an ambulatory setting.

    Patient Service Coordinator

    • Performs a variety of tasks related to handling patients and paperwork;
    • Maintains and processes visitor schedule; and
    • Provides clerical support, patient registration and customer service (greeting, screening and transporting patients).


    • Prepares, reviews and dispenses prescription medications to ensure accuracy, and compliance with professional, state and federal regulatory requirements;
    • Educates patients on medication use, storage and side effects;
    • Primarily works for pharmacies and drug stores but may be employed by hospitals and clinics to dispense medications directly to patients; and
    • May collaborate with other healthcare professionals to plan, monitor, review and evaluate patient effectiveness.

    Pharmacy Technician

    • Helps licensed pharmacists prepare prescription medications, provide customer service, and perform administrative duties within a pharmacy setting;
    • Is generally responsible for receiving prescription requests, counting tablets, and labeling bottles;
    • May perform administrative functions such as answering phones, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers; and
    • May be certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), National Healthcare Association (NHA), or similar organization.


    • Responsible for drawing blood and other body fluids for sampling;
    • Assists in other assigned laboratory functions; and
    • May be certified by the NHA or similar organization.

    Physical Therapist Aide

    • Performs specific nonclinical physical therapy procedures and related tasks under the direction of a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant.

    Physical Therapy Assistant

    • Prepares patients and equipment for therapy;
    • Assists physical therapist in administering treatments;
    • Maintains department in an orderly condition; and
    • Requires a two-year technical degree.


    • Maintains and uses equipment and lab space;
    • Designs, conducts and evaluates the results of experiments, methodologies, and quality control tests;
    • Communicates results to researchers, students, funders, the public, and other audiences; and
    • Generally, requires significant graduate-level education.

    Polysomnographic/Sleep Technician

    • Works to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders including in center and home sleep apnea testing, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, comprehensive patient care and direct patient education.

    QA/QI Coordinator

    • Assists in monitoring patient health to improve the quality of healthcare delivery;
    • Provides patient outreach for specific target patient populations, especially surrounding chronic care and preventative care maintenance; and
    • Works with healthcare team to improve patient health outcomes and ensure high-quality patient experiences.

    QA/UR Nurse

    • Implements programs designed to improve the quality of healthcare delivery;
    • Measures the quantitative and qualitative aspects of healthcare delivery;
    • Likely to be found in larger organizations with some degree of integration with other healthcare organizations; and
    • Monitors inpatient and outpatient care activities to ensure that accepted utilization management procedures are maintained.

    Radiation Therapist

    • Responsible for administering radiation treatment to patients under the direction of a radiation oncologist; and
    • May be certified by the ARRT.

    Radiology Technologist

    • Provides technical skills involving radiology and fluoroscopy;
    • Takes and may develop radiographs of various parts of the body to assist physician in the detection of foreign bodies and diagnosis of disease or injury; and
    • May be certified by the ARRT.


    • Greets patients or others arriving for appointments;
    • Obtains information, answers questions, and provides assistance or directions as appropriate;
    • Notifies physician of patient's arrival;
    • Checks to assure all records needed by physician are available;
    • Answers telephones; and
    • May schedule return visits and make appointments.

    Referral Coordinator

    • Working with patients to arrange and schedule referral appointments. This can include providing patients with referrals to other care providers, managing incoming patient referrals, or both; and
    • Set appointments, send reminders, and provide patients with information about referral appointments.

    Registered Nurse

    • Renders professional nursing care for the comfort and well-being of the patients;
    • Prepares equipment and assists physician during examinations and treatments;
    • Administers prescribed medications, changes dressings, cleans wounds, and monitors patient's vital signs;
    • Observes and maintains records on patient's care, conditions, reaction, and progress; and
    • Must be state licensed and a graduate of a registered nurse program.

    Respiratory Therapist

    • Responsible for evaluating, treating, and caring for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders under the direction of a physician;
    • May supervise respiratory therapy technicians; and
    • May be certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

    Scheduling Staff (excluding Surgical Scheduler)

    • Responsible for scheduling appointments for patients following medical practice procedures.

    Social Worker

    • Gathers relevant information regarding case and patient issues;
    • Facilitates education, support groups and referrals;
    • Maintains caseload, documentation and reevaluates patients at appropriate intervals;
    • Assesses and treats patients and their families in understanding and coping with emotional and social problems; and
    • Provides advocacy and resource services for the patient.

    Speech Therapist

    • Administers and evaluates hearing, speech and language tests and results to diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

    Sterile Processing Technician

    • Prepares, sterilizes and assembles laboratory and healthcare equipment used for surgeries, examinations and other medical procedures;
    • Ensures safety and cleanliness of equipment, supplies and instruments; and
    • Maintains records of sterilization procedures and sterilized items.

    Surgical Scheduler

    • Responsible for scheduling surgical procedures and tests under the direction of providers and clinical staff.

    Surgical Technologist

    • Responsible for assisting in surgical operations as part of a team under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel;
    • Helps prepare operating room by setting up surgical instruments and equipment, sterile drapes, and sterile solutions; and
    • Certification or licensure may be required dependent upon state.

    Switchboard Operator

    • Operates a telephone switchboard to relay incoming and outgoing calls; and
    • Pages personnel over the intercom system.


    • Provides counseling and/or cognitive therapy to treat emotional or mental disorders and promote mental well-being;
    • May work within the context of substance abuse counseling, marriage/family counseling, or child/adolescent counseling;
    • Works to develop coping strategies, provides emotional support, or assists with environmental adaptation; and
    • May develop individualized treatment plans, including referral of patients and case management.


    • Responsible for transcribing dictated recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material, which typically become part of patients’ permanent files; and
    • May require CMT certification.

    Triage Nurse

    • Primarily responsible for screening and placement of patients who walk in or telephone with medical problems or questions;
    • Orders medical record and takes medical history;
    • Administers first aid as appropriate;
    • Sets up appointment with appropriate department as necessary; and
    • Requires a registered nurse degree and a state license.

    Ultrasound Technician

    • At the direction of a qualified physician, performs a variety of procedures requiring independent judgment and initiative in the utilization of ultrasonic equipment for the diagnosis of disease in humans; and
    • Must be a graduate of a formal ultrasonographer program or trained on the job by a radiologist and eligible for certification.

    Workers Comp Liaison

    • Provides communication, paperwork, authorization and information for staff and providers on workers’ compensation claim activities.

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